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Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool – A Popular Litecoin Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency is mined by miners everywhere. This is a profitable way to earn money, even without leaving your home. However, you will need the appropriate equipment for this, without which you simply will not be able to connect to the blockchain. More experienced miners who have seen the rise and fall of Bitcoin, the general skepticism and the very birth of cryptocurrency as such, have their own equipment for mining digital coins. It is also called a miner and is a powerful, high-performance computer.

However, often beginners and smaller miners do not have the opportunity to purchase such devices. Moreover, even with the latest miner model, mining on your own may not pay off completely. What to do in this case? Everyone can join the so-called mining pool and increase their profits due to the total computing power.

Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool is one of such pools. Thanks to powerful servers and the ability to collectively mine such a profitable digital asset as Litecoin, Mining Pool, although it does not occupy the first places in the charts and tops of the best pools, holds up quite well even against its more successful competitors.

History of development and current trends of Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool

Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool was created on January 5, 2020 by unknown developers. They announced it on the Bitcoin Forum, known in narrow circles of veteran miners, after which users began to come to the pool. The pool's development is rather slow: it rarely takes places in the first half of the tops, not to mention the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Despite this, the pool works quite stably, pays out coins for blocks and is gradually gaining popularity.

Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool has only three servers: the United States, Singapore and Europe. Thus, the pool covers Asia, North and South America, the entire European Union, Canada and many other countries. It works quite productively and stably, however, users reported periodic freezes and hangs of mining.

You can connect to the pool using the following data:

  • Europe – stratum+tcp://eu.stratum.akarospool.com:3333;
  • America – stratum+tcp://us.stratum.akarospool.com:3333;
  • Singapore – stratum+tcp://sg.stratum.akarospool.com:3333.

There is no information about the owners or moderators on the site, they only have an official Facebook account and a Twitter account.

Functional features and technical features of Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool

Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool works on the PPLNS technology. This means that solo, or single mining, is not provided in the pool, you will be able to mine bitcoins only in a company with other participants of the pool. Rewards are distributed in the same way.

However, do not rush to be upset that you will get less this way – everything is quite the opposite. By combining the hashrate and computing power of so many miners for one task, you will be able to mine digital coins several times faster than yourself. As a result, more blocks are received per unit of time and more money is withdrawn to your wallet.

You can mine 2 cryptocurrencies with Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool:

  • Litecoin;
  • DOGEcoin.

Both are quite popular and profitable, so you can definitely earn money by mining their blocks.

The presence of a profitable currency on the pool is not its only advantage. Here are all the advantages of mining with Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool:

  1. Payouts up to 110%. By combining the efforts of many miners, you will be able to get the calculated 110% due to general mining.
  2. Stable hashrate. It stays at one point and does not drop even at the peak of mining.
  3. Presence of several powerful servers around the world.
  4. Payouts directly to the ltc address, without delays.
  5. Convenient and clear interface.

It is also worth noting the easy start of work on the pool.

How to register on the Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool and start mining?

Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool does not require registration. Getting started does not depend on whether you have an account. All you need to do is activate the wallet for the currency, copy its address and use it as your username. Then, according to the instructions on the website, connect to the miner (you need to download it beforehand), configure it, and you can start mining.


Akaros Litecoin Mining Pool is a dark horse in the world of mining pools. It has every chance to become a popular and profitable pool for miners of all categories, but now