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Bsmith: A Profitable and Secure Mining Pool

A pool, one of the branches and varieties of cryptocurrency mining, is a project that remotely resembles a cooperative or a joint-stock company. The organizers and developers of such mining services create a network infrastructure that allows combining the computing power (hashrate) of many equipment owners for the joint mining of cryptocurrency.

This gives small miners a chance to earn even with a small hashrate and power of their devices. Profit and the amount of digital currency mined over a period of time depend on the number of participants in the pool, so it is advisable to choose only popular and widespread pools. One of these is Bsmith.

Although Bsmith is not yet a very big name in the cryptocurrency world, the pool is developing rapidly and gaining more and more active miners. It is actively cooperated not only by miners, but also by the creators of various blockchains and entire coins: so they are advised for mining Ravencoin both solo and publicly by the developers of this digital coin themselves.

Brief History and Background Information about the Bsmith Pool

The Bsmith pool started its work in 2020 based on the popular Ravencoin. Since then, it has been providing its capacity for joint and solo mining to everyone without restrictions. Little is known about the developers, but they have:

  • a Twitter account;
  • a Discord server;
  • Telegram;
  • a subreddit on the official Ravencoin channel.

The pool operates on two main servers – European and American, plus one additional for the US. Their capacity is quite sufficient for comfortable mining of ravencoins at a decent speed, although the indicators are far from the highest in the industry.

Main Functionality and Key Advantages of the Bsmith Pool

The pool works on one main currency – the well-known RVN, aka Ravencoin. This is a cryptocurrency that is very similar to Bitcoin in its idea and implementation. That is, Ravencoin transfers information between blockchains about who owns what amount of assets. The assets themselves can be obtained by mining with miners and other special devices and programs.

Ravencoin was created on January 3, 2018 on open source code. Although this digital coin is not as popular and long-standing as Bitcoin and other popular tokens, this does not prevent it from developing. Ravencoin is constantly connecting new servers and supporting the opening of more and more pools based on its developments. Bsmith is a confirmation of this.

The commission for mining ravencoins is standard for small pools – it is 0.9% for the general server and 1.5% for solo mining. Unfortunately, you can only withdraw from 10 RVN at a time at first. Once you start mining in the pool, on your control panel in the project profile, in the "Settings" tab, you can change the type and threshold of payment.

The pool's speed and hashrate are not the best. With the current difficulty, a good hashrate of 10–20 ghs will allow you to solve only 1 or 2 blocks per day. For beginners and small miners, these are quite decent indicators, but for experienced users it may not seem worth it.

Big advantages of the pool are open to communication moderators and administrators. They are always ready to help, quickly react to errors and actively communicate in all social networks of the project. They can clarify an incomprehensible detail, how best to configure the miner and other technical nuances.

The highlight of the pool is its detailed and intuitive interface. Each icon and menu item is in its place, the site has a lot of graphics and color illustrations, and finding the right server or pool is not difficult.

How to Register on the Bsmith Pool and Start Mining Cryptocurrency

To start mining bitcoins on Bsmith, you need to fill out a short registration form, download a network miner, there are many available on the Internet, and configure it. You can do all this according to the instructions that are available on the project website. On average, you will be able to start mining yourself 10-30 minutes after opening the pool website.


Bsmith is not the most popular and powerful, but definitely a noteworthy pool for ravencoins. The commission on it is quite low, the mining speed is sufficient for solo and general mining, and there are also several nice additional features.