Hashcity, a popular mining pool: platform review

Mining cryptocurrency is quite a fascinating and profitable activity. Especially, if you have a competent approach to the organization of all processes and use the available modern opportunities. For example, to increase the computing power of your equipment, as well as to increase the profitability of mining, in principle, there is an opportunity to connect to the pool. A review of the popular Hashcity platform based on expert reviews and user feedback allows you to make a real opinion about the actual technical features and functions of this service.

History of the formation of the platform Hashcity

This platform, which is offered to make crypto coin mining, is a multicurrency and multilingual service, which has earned an excellent reputation for the entire period of its operation. The platform was first launched in 2018. According to the data available at the moment, the founder is HashCity LTD. The country of registration is listed as Georgia, and the servers are located in Germany. However, the founders still wished to remain anonymous individuals.

The hashcity.org website is in high demand, tens of thousands of miners are actively interacting on it. The main idea of the resource, according to the founders and employees, is to make crypto mining not only a more popular way to profit but also a more accessible, simple process. All this is realized today through the introduction of a large number of significant functions - both classic for various pools and individual ones, as well as through a simple and practical interface of the platform. Even newcomers to the industry do not have any problems with the latter.

Hashcity - how to start mining?

To organize activities in this direction, to begin with, it is necessary to rationally assess all the opportunities offered. First of all, this applies to the available types of digital coins. To date, there are 13 of them, among which, of course, there are the most sought-after ones:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;

DASH, ZEC, RVN, XMR, BSV, CLO, and XEC are also in high demand.

Main technical features and functions

Hashcity is a platform with a large number of options available. Positive feedback from users is especially about the following features:

  • The ability to withdraw money to any type of payment system - EPS, bank card, cryptocurrency wallet, when converting into fiat money such currencies as the Russian ruble and US dollar are supported;
  • Adequate commission size - services are assessed only 1% of your profit, but the withdrawal of money from the service and additional costs to users are not provided;
  • Convenient payment schedule - not just a daily payment at Hashcity service, it is possible to request for withdrawal 2 times a day;
  • Affiliate program - this is an excellent opportunity for receiving an additional passive income, and such an option with the high reliability of the platform and its good reputation is not associated with any problems with the trust of other users, the size of the reward, in this case, is determined by the client's hashing rating, the power of his devices;
  • Multilingual support - the service of technical support to users is not just working around the clock, responding quickly to user questions, it is in a language that is convenient for the client.

There are training courses for newbies, which can be viewed on Youtube, which ultimately saves time for both the miner and other community members without reducing the profitability of crypto-mining.

Hashcity has a well-designed interface with the following additional options as well:

  • Profitability calculator - thanks to this there is an opportunity to perform mining calculations very quickly, setting the settings by type of coin, equipment capacity, electricity costs;
  • Built-in exchange system - the conversion of supported types of crypto coins can be done even though Telegram-bot, which is very practical and convenient.

Thus, this service has not just gained high popularity, but quite logically holds its leading position among the huge number of currently available pools.

How to mine - hardware requirements

The Hashcity platform supports all of today's traditional methods of mining:

  • Via video cards - GPU format;
  • Through the CPU - CPU format;
  • Through additional specialized equipment or on integrated circuits - ASIC.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the company does not offer its software. The most advanced third-party systems are supposed to be used for crypto-mining: LolMiner, TeamRedMiner, Phoenix, Gminer, BMiner, XMRIG, and SRBMiner. Even though directly on hashcity.org site configuration in the form of instructions is not presented, it is possible to quickly find all the necessary recommendations over the Internet.

Payment of remuneration

Somewhat more should disclose the process of calculation, accrual, and payment of remuneration to miners on this service. The main conditions are as follows:

  • All crediting is initially performed on the internal account on the platform, where a commission of 1% of the profit is automatically charged;
  • Withdrawal requests can be made in the period from 8 am to 8 pm MSK.

If you wish it is possible to set up automatic withdrawal, for which you only need to click on the appropriate buttons in your cabinet. You must set the minimum withdrawal threshold, account requisites, and the type of payment system for withdrawal. All calculations are carried out according to the FPPS system.


To assess in practice all the benefits that are provided to miners on the platform Hashcity, you will need to register. A simple procedure is to install the equipment, connect it, set up a login, password, and email address, and proceed step by step according to the instructions. After registration is complete, it's worth carefully reviewing all settings, changing them at your discretion if you already have some experience in using pools, or leaving them in the basic version to start with until you get a new level of knowledge in crypto mining this way.