Aikapool Mining Pool Review

 Aikapool - а fast and Efficient Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

Mining pools for various cryptocurrencies are a great way not only to earn from the total hashrate and computing power, but also to understand the main subtleties of the field. With their help, you significantly increase the chance of successful and profitable mining of bitcoins, Ethereum, litecoins and many other digital coins, since not only you, but also many other miners connected to the same network are working on this. However, it is important to carefully choose a mining pool: it should be popular enough to have a stable number of users, several servers for better performance and provide the opportunity to mine profitable cryptocurrency.

For this, a pool like Aikapool is perfect for you. It has a fairly large community of dedicated miners who use the pool to mine DogeCoin.

History of development and current trends of Aikapool

The Aikapool domain was registered in 2017, after which the pool began its active work. Information about its creators is hidden, but it is known for sure that the main capacities of the pool are located in the USA.

The main digital coin of the pool is DogeCoin. It was originally a joke currency, but after a rapid rise and growing popularity, the coin became one of the main directions of mining in the last decade.

The pool does not have a pronounced growth or decline: the number of active users, although rather modest, compared to many other pools, is kept at a stable level.

Functional features and technical features of Aikapool

The PoW-mining protocol is used for the pool to work. This actually makes Aikapool a multitool for fast coin mining, but the solo pool is not very profitable in the end.

The pool uses a lot of protocols. Among the most basic ones are:

  • X16rv2;
  • Skunkhash;
  • Ethash (aka Dagger Hashimoto);
  • Lyra2z;
  • Timetravel10;
  • Neoscrypt;
  • YespowerR16.

There are just over 15 such algorithms in total.

The functionality of the pool website is quite wide, although the design is outdated. On the main page you can see brief statistics of current pools, which is updated in real time, as well as links to ports and registration methods. The statistics show the miner's name, how much he received, whether the block passed validation, what is the mining difficulty and what is the hash of each block mined. Brief, but to the point.

More detailed statistics can be found on additional tabs. First of all, this is the leaderboard. There are two categories here - Contributor Shares (general pool) and Contributor Hashrates (hashing speed). There are also general statistics for the pool:

  • hashrate - an average of 107.592 GH/s;
  • efficiency - about 99.51%;
  • how many people are mining now;
  • current and next difficulty;
  • average round time;
  • time since the last block.

If you need help, there is a separate menu item for that. It contains basic information about the pool, its method of operation, how to register and link a wallet. The pool forum is also worth mentioning - here you can ask your questions and get answers not only from moderators, but also from other miners.

Right on the site you can go to popular exchangers and trading platforms to make transactions with the coins you have mined. There is an opportunity to go to Binance, CoinEx, Bittrex and dozens of other significant services for the field. This function is a big plus for Aikapool, because many miners are also traders and crypto investors.

If you do not have your own miner, then Aikapool provides the opportunity to take the necessary power for mining coins from time-tested companies Nicehash and MiningRigRentals. As in the case of exchangers, there is a separate tab on the website for this.

How to register on the Aikapool pool and start mining?

Registration on the pool is quite simple: specify a password, username, email and a 4-digit pin. Then confirm your registration, choose a coin, a pool convenient for you, download a miner - and you are ready to mine cryptocurrency.

To start working on the pool, you may also need special software - HiveOS and Nicehash. The link to its download is right on the pool, you just need to follow the instructions.


Aikapool is a good, but somewhat outdated pool for Dogecoins and other cryptocurrencies. It is convenient to use, but a small number of miners makes it a profitable choice only for beginners in cryptocurrency mining.