Mining Pool Review popular pool for miners

The development of the cryptocurrency market has led to the emergence of a large number of different tools, without which it is impossible to engage in mining and other activities in this niche. Pool one of the popular tools, which has excellent functionality, stability, and high power, has an excellent user rating. This platform can be safely considered the main one for making a profit from mining, including in the case of the activity being carried out in the Russian market. Let's understand how practical the pool is for mining by the most significant conditions and features of the platform.

The history of development the main trends

The origins of the development of this platform organization startup Blocktrail, in which invested more than $700 thousand. Initially, the project was seen as a multiplatform Bitcoin wallet, as well as several tools for tracking and analysis of transactions. The founders of this platform are Lev Leviev and Boazon Behar, who launched the project in the Netherlands. However, already in 2016, the company was bought by the Chinese Bitman, whose main activity is the production of equipment for miners. It was from that moment that the pool wallet appeared on the market. Another change occurred in 2021 when the mining pool was bought out by along with all the domain names and cryptocurrency wallets. Today, the company's revenue is noted as stable, at about $423 million per year.

BTS com bitcoin wallet functionality

Every miner who joins this line of business looks out for a good cryptocurrency wallet service. A detailed review of the pool bts com will allow you to assess all the opportunities and prospects offered.

The main functional features of this platform are noted in the following areas:

  • Support for different types of currencies Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Decred, Nervos CKB;
  • Unprecedented control over private keys;
  • In the dynamic format of commissions, you can choose a more appropriate format at a given moment, for example, to reduce transaction costs or to speed up its confirmation, taking into account the current exchange rate.

At the same time, it is worth noting other features that relate to the overall functionality of the platform:

  • Multilingual support, including pool in Russian;
  • High privacy guarantees in this hybrid wallet there is no access to the user's keys, and storage is provided only on the device, which allows maximum control over access to their assets;
  • Synchronization of contacts provides an opportunity to use this crypto-wallet most practically and conveniently, configuration of such option is carried out manually by the user;
  • There are different versions of the web, mobile applications for Android;
  • There is a multi-signature so the user can take advantage of additional security measures or if they wish to share the responsibility for owning Bitcoin when mining coins.

The pool operates based on a full pay-per-share (FPPS) system, which provides an opportunity to pay remuneration to miners due to high transaction fees. It is based on a system that initially calculates a standard transaction price for a certain period, adds regular block fees to that price, and then redistributes them among the miners. As a result, while preserving all the advantages of PPS, miners' income increases by an average of 20%.

Different versions of BTK com for miners

As noted above, the major service BTK com is several formats of the platform:

  • Web-version;

Let's give a brief overview of each option with its unique and common features.

Web version

The website works technically flawlessly. Creating a wallet on it is a real pleasure for those who prioritize saving personal time, security, and privacy.

Registration involves the following steps:

  • At the initial stage, it is necessary to enter an email address and password. However, there are nuances to the password. It must be sufficiently complex and reliable, otherwise, the system will not confirm it. The system automatically calculates the theoretical time it may take for an intruder to crack the invented password. The estimate can also be marked as "10-30 years";
  • In the next step of creating a wallet, the site will offer to download a backup copy. This will be a PDF file that stores all the data to restore the wallet in case you lose access to it. It is not recommended to keep the detailed instruction in this file on your device. It should be printed out and hidden in the most reliable place. The registration process will not continue until you have checked the box confirming that the file has been downloaded and saved.

You can then log in to the pool and familiarize yourself with the interface of the platform. Reviews that users leave indicate that the structure of the wallet is well thought out and user-friendly. Depending on the type of currency selected, the color design of the page on the screen changes.

When you make a transfer, the system automatically calculates the optimal amount of commission, taking into account the current situation and workload. However, you can manually select the preferred mode with low, optimal, or high priority.

When using the web version of this cryptocurrency bitcoin wallet, you should keep in mind that each time a new address is created to receive funds. You can find a complete list of all used addresses in a special tab. If you wish it is also possible to find out the information via QR-code.

The significant advantage of which there is information in the reviews of pool, the possibility of buying bitcoins for fiat money, such as USD or rubles. To do this it will be enough to create an additional account on the Glidera service.

Android application

To download, it is quite logical that you will need to use the service Google Play. It is worth noting that there is a limitation on the functionality of the OS version must be at least 4.2.

Once the download of the application base itself is complete (better to do it via a Wi-Fi network), to enter the wallet, you need to create a login. The steps are similar to the web version. But there is one additional trick PIN-code. It is necessary to think up such, that the combination was reliable, but at the same time easy to remember for the user.

Payment methods

To send bitcoins through the pool platform in Russian, you can choose:

  • Manual input;
  • Synchronization with contacts;
  • QR-code.

Choosing the first method, you should consider the risk of error due to human error. And there is no possibility to cancel the transaction. That's why it is better to give preference to one of two alternative variants for the transactions to be carried out accurately and very fast.