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Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have remained a successful investment and income-generating asset. Mining pools provide the opportunity to combine the functional capabilities of users' equipment worldwide for joint earnings. The distribution of income from the pool occurs with the help of a server, which issues tasks to form a standard block and determines the percentage of participation of each individual miner. One of the most popular pools is F2pool mining.The most important informaton you can read in this F2pool review.

What is F2Pool Mining?

An open pool that has been working stably over the past few years and has proven itself well. With a Bitcoin mining share of around twenty percent, it continues to increase its computing power. You can use it to mine other popular digital coins.

F2Pool mining, which is also known as Discus Fich, was born in May 2013. After testing the service and attracting new users, it turned into one of the largest Bitcoin mining communities. And already at the beginning of 2014, the pool began to offer mining services for a number of other popular cryptocurrencies. The project was launched by Chinese investors. For a long time it remained the leader in terms of hashrate share, but in 2017 it began to gradually lose ground. However, even despite this, the service still remains one of the largest pools. As a result, it can hold on to second position in block production. And even with the worst forecasts, the service is unlikely to leave the top five.

Pros and Cons

A Bitcoin mining pool is a high-level task that requires the involvement of the best excavators in the cryptocurrency world. Although F2Pool is not a major one, it is considered today's largest, most valuable, and most powerful mining organization.


  • Fantastic all-in-one app is available for Android and iOS. The interface offers customers a warm welcome upon enrollment. It is currently offering some eligible prizes to celebrate its seventh anniversary.
  • Progressive highlights that launch helps. Three important points characterize him as a close pioneer: he was a broad assistant in the management of the Ming. This gives huge advantages when mining. An incomparable innovative organization supports it.
  • Just make a record. At this stage, crypto clients go through the main steps of setting up a login.
  • Perceived safety. This is more than the HTTPS agreement; it is updated now and is an improvement to the locked internal wallet.

One of the disadvantages we can mention is the high Minimum shot amount.

F2Pool Fee Structure and Payout Methods

When working with mining servers, you need to immediately figure out - including on F2pool - how to withdraw your earned funds for personal use.

The F2Pool mining service actively works with the most popular exchanges, supporting the possibility of withdrawing funds in the most popular cryptocurrencies. To receive payments, the wallet URL is used. You can also provide personal information about your exchange account. Selecting the Payout Settings section must be done in your account on the F2pool website.

In the window that appears, you need to select your nickname and click on the coin from the list you mined. After selecting the "add address" item, enter the details of your exchange wallet and the code received as a text message to the previously specified phone number. We confirm the procedure and wait for the corresponding email. It will contain a link that will help you activate your wallet.

If all steps are completed correctly, F2pool will begin automatically withdrawing funds using the specified details by the accepted payment system. To receive a transfer, you must reach a certain minimum threshold, set individually for each cryptocurrency, depending on its popularity. You can learn more about the threshold for minimum remuneration in the FAQ on the F2pool website, where all the conditions are described in detail.

Customer Support

F2pool presents customer support via email, live chat, and a website. f2pool has received diverse considerations regarding customer support. While some clients commended the organization for its fast reaction and help in determining problems, others noted sluggish reply times and problem-settling matters.


F2pool has enforced essential protection steps to safeguard its clients and secure the virtue of its mining processes. One of the most essential criteria is strong DDoS protection, which allows control attacks on the servers and pool infrastructure. F2Pool even operates safe wallets to store the profits of its miners and uses tough safety protocols to control unauthorized entry to them.

Likewise, F2pool suggests 2FA to improve the protection of their accounts.


The F2pool mining pool maintains its leading position in the global ranking of similar services and, according to analysts, is unlikely to leave the top 5 shortly. Developers constantly update the platform and add new cryptocurrencies, preserving miners' assets using the implemented decentralization system. The stability and reliability of the service support its high reputation among users, the number of which is constantly growing due to its simplicity and ease of use.