F2Pool Mining Pool Review

F2Pool - a proven good service for cryptocurrency mining

Due to new trends in the market of digital currencies, new technical solutions have emerged. Since today it is often unprofitable to mine cryptocurrencies, it was quite logical to form pools where miners conduct their activities together. The use of a special service allows not only to stabilize the entire process of mining cryptocurrencies but also to significantly increase liquidity and receive higher profits. There are quite a large number of such platforms to choose from today, on F2Pool the configuration of mining is marked by the users with a particular simplicity and a huge range of possibilities. An overview of the implemented technical solutions, functions, and proposed conditions will help to clarify the situation so that every miner for himself could determine what platform to give preference in the end.

The History of Development

To date, about the pool F2Pool reviews are positive. This is due not only to the fact that the system is among the leaders in the world market of cryptocurrencies in terms of hash rate. The service was launched at the dawn of the digital money market, in 2013. The identities of the founders of this project remain anonymous to this day.

An interesting fact exactly about f2pool - it managed to survive quite a difficult period with the prohibition of work with miners from China. Despite this, the platform has held its leading 3rd place in Bitcoin mining. At the same time, support for other types of cryptocurrencies, which are in stable demand, was also held.

Current positions and technical capabilities

The current position of f2pool.com is almost a 15% hash rate for BTC. A total of 38 types of currencies are supported, which allows you to set up the most profitable way, focusing on the highest interest rates of hash rate on specific types of cryptocurrencies in a particular period. The calculation of remuneration is done in two ways - PPS and PPS+.

There is no official website of F2Pool in Russia today. There is an opportunity to use the English or Ukrainian version. If necessary, you can get instructions in Russian through the support of the Telegram bot.

Analyzing all the features provided, it is worth noting the following nuances of F2Pool:

  • Privacy and privateness conditions. Depending on what coins the user prioritizes for mining, it is possible to mine anonymously or by registration;
  • Stability of the service. During its existence, the platform did not have any serious problems, users note the real reliability and technical stability in the reviews of thematic forums, which appeals to those who plan to actively engage in the mining of cryptocurrencies and receive a solid reward; Similar factors are noted in terms of the timing of payment of remuneration. No delays have been observed so far;
  • Opportunities for effective co-mining. The platform does not just support the mining of a large number of coins, there is an opportunity to combine processes to increase profitability. To do this, there are automatic tools that analyze the situation offline and make the switch;
  • API connection. Beginners often spend a huge amount of time on routine processes. Working with F2Pool, mining setup can be done in such a way that all these processes are automated as much as possible, ultimately freeing up the user's time for other tasks;
  • Variable platform formats. Taking into account consumer demand and the factor of practicality, and efficiency, the developers of the f2 pool offer a web version to choose from, as well as applications for devices with the most popular OS - Android and iOS.

Thus, we can already conclude that the pool is worthy of attention, regardless of whether you choose the first project or there is a desire to change the platform for a more cost-effective and efficient one.

F2Pool - how to start mining: registration and setup

It is necessary to start working with the service with the connection of the equipment. The choice of connection method will depend on the mining method:

  • Those who work on ASICs will need a pre-installed application;
  • Those who crypto-mine on video cards will need to install special software, which is available on the official website.

The most commonly used utilities are Claymore's Miner, Ccminer, and EWBF Miner. The main criteria for choosing the appropriate software are the type of cryptocurrency, the type of equipment, as well as the level of PC ownership. The last nuance is related to the fact that some utilities run exclusively through the command line, so it makes sense for beginners to give preference to software with a graphical interface to exclude the possibility of error.

On the F2Pool mining platform, registration does not cause any difficulties. It is enough to install the application or open the official website. Then proceed step by step according to the instructions and prompts:

  • Create an account by entering an email address, coming up with a username and password (the password must be complex enough for the system to let it through as reliable);
  • To confirm the desire for registration through the link from the letter at the specified address;
  • Then you should read the terms and conditions of the service, confirm them, and create a backup copy of your data in case you need to restore your access.

F2Pool payment and other nuances of the private office usage

The platform supports a two-factor authentication mode. To log into your account, you will need to confirm the action with a code from an e-mail, sms, or Google Authenticator application.

Individual user hash rate charts are always displayed on the main page. You can use the default value (30 days) or set your criteria for a particular coin, such as Bitcoin. It is also easy to assess the profitability of mining visually, using the available automatic calculation of the system and statistical data in the personal cabinet, the calculator.

F2Pool charges up to 5% commission for its services. Additionally, a network fee of 2-3% is charged for each transaction (depending on the specific type of coin).

Before dealing with the system, it is important to know how to withdraw funds from F2Pool. One important condition is that you cannot keep money on the service for more than 90 days. In this case, they are automatically deducted as voluntary donations from the user for the development of the platform. To withdraw there are conditions for the threshold amount, which varies depending on the type of coin. The details can be found in the personal cabinet. However, if the user has small equipment and a low hash rate, there is an opportunity to apply for withdrawal in manual mode, even if the balance is below the threshold. All you need to do is create a cover letter and specify the reason for withdrawal. The request is usually processed within 24 hours.

F2pool remains one of the fundamental pools of the cryptocurrency market today. The company maintains its well-worn reputation, which is confirmed even by the cases of refunds of high commissions sent by mistake, active interaction, and responsiveness to miners' problems. Another big advantage of using this exact service is that you can save a lot of money on commissions because the company has partnership business relations with many exchanges.