Nanopool Mining Pool Review

Nanopool cryptocurrency mining through a pool: review, reviews

Since the introduction of the new financial market of digital currencies, it took quite a little time before miners concluded that it is more cost-effective to mine cryptocurrencies not individually, but together with other participants in the system. For this purpose, special platform pools were organized, which are now presented in large numbers on the Internet. But not every such service has a good reputation by the criteria of stability, reliability, and functionality. The Nanopool platform, which was one of the first to appear on the market, managed to get excellent reviews and to this day maintains its reputation. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this service if you plan to increase the profitability of mining, to reach a fundamentally new level, and need new technical solutions.

History of development

Nanopool is one of the oldest platforms for mining. It is primarily used by experienced crypto-monet miners about ETN and ETN Classic. However, these are not the only types of coins available today, the functionality and possibilities are wider, which has a positive impact on the popularity of the service.

Every miner can count on the fact that the payment will be accrued and withdrawn fairly by the stated conditions. Therefore, one can safely start mining digital coins through this service. The platform is based on the PPLNS payout accrual system, where one cycle takes about 20 minutes. The remuneration received is distributed between users in proportion to the amount of work performed. Nanopool payments are charged as transparently and honestly as possible.

The interface of Nanopool

Even though the platform is very functional, it offers a large number of options and settings, and the user does not get a feeling of overloading the service with information. The basic categories in the personal account Nano pool are:

  • Countdown to the next epoch, which allows you to visually assess the situation in real-time;
  • Overall pool statistics;
  • Coin value;
  • Hash rate stability and network statistics.

You can get the most detailed and clear information on how to use this option for free via the API section. All important data, such as minimum hardware requirements, can also be found in the tech help section.

Types of coins for mining via Nanopool

The main focus is on ETN, but there are 5 other digital coin options available that can be mined at will at the same time:

  • Monero;
  • Ravencoin;
  • Zcash;
  • Ergo;
  • And that's not all.

There is a related alternative project on the platform, which for now is designed to test additional features. As part of this service, there is an opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies such as Ubiq, Flux, Firo, and Alephium.

Speaking of Hashray, Nanopool xmr is currently one of the leaders. Conflux is firmly holding on to third position in terms of production, and sixth in terms of RVN. And there are thousands of miners actively and constantly working in this niche.

How do do mine Nanopool?

It is not necessary to be registered to use this platform. It is quite possible to realize your activity through third-party mining software and receive payments through the wallet of the coins that will be mined. A Nanopool user account will be created offline after receiving the first balloon. Usually, all information is displayed instantly, in rare cases, it may take up to 30 minutes before the information is updated.

To start the crypto coin mining process via, it is important to consider that there are minimal technical requirements for the equipment used. For example, ETC Nanopool or Nanopool Etherium Classic runs on farms or PCs with a GPU and graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD, with at least 4-6GB of memory. In this case, it should be taken into account the fact that the DAG file will be constantly increasing, so at some point even these values of memory may no longer be enough.

Nanopool settings the best software and configurations

Before you start the processes, you need to figure out what is the best software to choose for specific types of coins. Here are the recommendations offered in the information section on the platform:

  • ETN Phoenix Miner (AMD, Nvidia), TeamRedMiner (AMD), T-Rex (Nvidia);
  • RVN uses Kapowminer at Nvidia;
  • Conflux Nbminer under AMD;
  • Zcash mining uses mostly ASICs.

But there is one more nuance the company offers its own software Nanominer, which can be used for all types of available crypto coins.

Depending on the type of device used, both the web version as well as iOS and Android apps can be used to track all processes.

Nanopool Nanominer's unique software functions on both Windows and Linux, mostly on AMD and Nvidia video cards. Through this software, multiple crypto coins can be mined in a simultaneous session. The company's commission is withheld at 1% of the user's profit.

Nanopool payouts

Regarding the calculations of Nanopool reviews are only positive. The basic settings support automatic payout mode when the minimum threshold is reached. However, there is an opportunity to set your settings in Nanopool, if the ranking of the worker is higher than 10. To change the configuration of the payout mode, you will need to specify your username and password, email address, or passphrase if it is used as a protective mechanism for a personal account.

Withdrawal is carried out both to the exchangers and to the usual wallets. No problems were noted in either mode.

Thus, we can conclude that Nanopool is a noteworthy platform, through which you can organize profitable mining even with minimal technical indicators of the equipment. The use of unique software eliminates the risks of theft of miners' money, as the company is sensitive to its reputation and implements serious protective algorithms and systems to prevent hacker attacks on servers.