Trustpool Mining Pool Review

The high profitability of mining combined with a variety of platforms for earning on crypto motivates many users to engage in mining virtual assets. Trustpool is a good pool for representatives of the CIS countries, as there is a Russian-language version of the site, which greatly simplifies the settings and works with the service as a whole. Trustpool mining is available since 2019, and at the end of last year, the service takes the 14th line in the world rating, which speaks of its reliability. How favorable are the conditions offered by the platform, and how does it differ from the competition? Our detailed review will help to find out.

The main thing about the popular cryptocurrency pool

The project created by Anton Weinerman quickly enough gained a lot of fans and became one of the top ten services for Bitcoin mining, but after 2 years gave up positions a bit. According to the latest data, Trustpool accounts for about 0.66% of the Bitcoin blockchain's computing power, with servers located in China and the Russian Federation. Miners can generate blocks of the following coins: DOGE, BCH, BTC, DASH, and LTC.

To start mining, you need to download the program for Android or iOS, register and configure the process through a personal account. Payments are made through PPS+ and the commission is 1% of the amount earned. A special yield calculator helps to determine how much a particular Trustpool mining can give. Remuneration is not fixed calculation is made taking into account the current rate, the complexity of the network, and the amount and power of the equipment used.

To withstand the high competition among dozens of Trustpool pools helps the following features:

  • Wide geography of service provision the application for Android or iOS (there is no client for the computer) is downloaded by representatives of more than a hundred countries;
  • Synchronization with the cryptocurrency storage the income from mining can be stored in the FrostWallet wallet;
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, and it is possible to communicate with support staff in different languages, including Russian;
  • Convenient and fast software versions for smartphones;
  • Minimal commission;
  • TrustMaster service for the recovery of broken coin mining equipment;
  • Recommendations, how to mine platform users can get free tutorials, as well as learn about the nuances of setting parameters in the personal cabinet;
  • The prospect of increasing the profitability of mining thanks to innovative firmware, which can be downloaded through Asictuner in reviews of Trustpool often mention that the proprietary software not only increases the income by 40% but also prevents overheating of equipment, protects malicious files and automates the setting of parameters.

Features of mining

The official website, is here you can find links to applications for different OS mobile devices, yield calculator, news of the platform, answers to popular questions, etc. It is risky to download the installation file from third-party resources, it is better to use Google Play, iPhone owners have no other option but to install through the Appstore. As for registration, it is very simple and can be done by phone or by e-mail.

Once the account is created, it is possible to study the LC and directly to mining. To do this, you will need to create a worker and enter stratum addresses into the equipment settings. It will not be difficult for beginners to do this, using the training materials. Further management of the account is carried out through the sections of the personal office: Payments, Accruals, Settings, and Information Panel. Trust pool for mining is fully adapted you can quickly switch between coins, automate mining, provide quick withdrawal of funds, etc. Only need to keep in mind that the remuneration is not sent around the clock but from 5 am to 13 pm Moscow time.

Pros and cons of Trustpool

In the list of advantages of the Russian pool:

  • Fixed and small commission of only 1%;
  • A wide range of support services such as TrustMaster, Asictuner, and FrostWallet;
  • The Russian-speaking site and technical support;
  • 24/7 support from the specialists of the platform;
  • Convenient personal cabinet;
  • Special manual for beginner miners with instructions and tips + video tutorials on YouTube.

Disadvantages of Trustpool also have, among them:

  • Lack of manual withdrawal of earned money;
  • The modest processing power of 1.8 EH/s;
  • Limited amount of coins for mining;
  • Charging for block generation only one algorithm.

It's a pity that now it is no longer possible to mine through Ethereum Pool Trust (the asset was blocked after the integration of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm), but still, the service seems to be a good choice for miners with any experience and equipment.