Antpool Mining Pool Review

Antpool - reliable service for mining

In the conditions of active development of the cryptocurrency market, it is not always profitable to engage in mining alone. It is much more profitable to connect to a pool, but on the condition that it will be a reliable and proven service, which is stably functioning and offers interesting opportunities. Antpool mining is one of the platforms, which operates literally from the beginning of the development of the cryptocurrency market in general. Reviews about this service are exceptionally positive on fundamentally important points, although some non-critical flaws are still noted.

Actual positions and the main provisions of Antpool mining

To understand what causes such popularity of Antpool mining service, it is enough to know about the fact that it is currently one of the leaders in terms of power - it accounts for about 20%.

The service is offered by Bitmain Tech Ltd. It opens up very interesting prospects for miners due to the support of a large number of digital currencies, and the introduction of variable algorithms. For some newcomers, the platform seems somewhat complicated in terms of the organization of the structure and interface, as well as not always working Russian-language version. However, just a little practice is enough, and all the advantages of Antpool mining will be appreciated. In general, mining cryptocurrencies here will not be associated with constant difficulties, if you initially delve into all the nuances and set the correct settings for your requirements and criteria, type of equipment, and software.

Terms of use Antpool

Many users give preference to this particular platform due to the wide range of settings of various functions and the abundance of working tools. For example, Antpool mining is the ability to instantly receive and evaluate information about the current level of mining Bitcoin and other selected digital coins, personal hash rate, and other successes. Depending on your current goals, you can set your settings to the daily mining level or create a BTC vs Bitcoin cache mining schedule.

Antpool - miner setup, registration

Users who decide to mine cryptocurrency through this service need to perform several simple actions to create an account and log in to a personal account:

  • Open the official website or install a mobile application;
  • Enter your email details, come up with a combination of characters for login and password, and such that it is as secure as possible;
  • Confirm the registration through the link in the email.

Before authorizing and logging in after registration, you will need to make additional security settings on the service. Usually, a two-factor verification is used. After that the work on the platform begins, you can choose and configure the individual settings, taking into account the type of equipment, such as ASIC. Further, the work of mining cryptocurrencies and making a profit begins. Even though even in the Russian version, some options are displayed in the English version, there are usually no problems with understanding the essence.

Available types of coins through Antpool mining

Given the scale of activity of this company, it is logical that it is offered here to create not only Bitcoin. The system supports 15 types of digital coins, among which are:

  • ETN;
  • LTC;
  • ETHW;
  • WSN;
  • DCRN;
  • DESH;
  • CKB;
  • ETC;
  • ZEC;
  • KDA;
  • HNS;
  • DCR;

It is reasonable to assume that the company will not limit itself to these types of currencies, and further, the list of available cryptocurrencies will only expand. When choosing currencies for mining, it is important to consider the peculiarities of your equipment, because there are those coins that are created only through ASIC, while others are available through video cards.

How to withdraw money from Antpool?

Some newbies are puzzled by the question, fpps or pplns on Antpool - which is better? Other payment systems are supported on the platform as well. To determine which one is more suitable for you, it is important to consider the difficulty of setting up a payment confirmation system, the frequency of payments, and the type of coins that will be prioritized for mining.

To profit from each type of cryptocurrency, it will be necessary to create sub-accounts for each selected type.

Commission on this service, as noted in the reviews of users, is standard today for many similar platforms:

  • if you choose the PPS method, you should expect a commission of up to 3% of the amount of profit, and it is worth noting that the pool ensures users against force majeure situations;
  • If PPLNS is preferred, then the commission will vary from 3 to 4%, depending on the type of coins.

For more accurate data at a particular time, you can use the calculator to simplify all the processes of calculation for yourself.

The main pros and cons

Dealing with Antpool, and how to start mining through this service, it is important to analyze all the conditions and draw conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages.

The main pluses noted by the miners are:

  • The availability of different platform formats - mobile application, the official website;
  • Correct display of information about the network at the moment;
  • Stable operation of the service without technical failures;
  • The possibility of daily profits;
  • The long period of activity on the market;
  • The prompt response of the technical support representatives;
  • A large number of supported types of cryptocurrencies for mining, and it is not the limit;
  • optimal conditions of the pool commission.

The disadvantages are the imperfection of the Russian-language version, as well as not quite a simple interface. However, in general, this pool has a good reputation and is rated very highly by experienced miners, so it can be safely chosen as the main platform for development in this direction.