Luxor Mining Pool

Luxor Mining Pool Review

Luxor pool: main features and prospects for miners

Choosing a good mining platform for the user is paramount, as it affects the amount of income, time spent, and ease of account management. Luxor pool can be considered the best option for those who want to remain anonymous while not spending much time setting up equipment and quickly receiving payments for mining cryptocurrencies. It is mostly chosen by experienced miners interested in different bitcoins and altcoins. A detailed review of Luxor pool mining will help you understand how this technological solution meets liquidity requirements, withdrawal of funds, and other important requirements.

General information

The same name company develops Luxor pool and has servers worldwide: in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The main facilities are located in North America. The platform supports a variety of coins ranging from the popular ETH, BTC, Zcash, Dash, LBRY, and Decred to ScPrime, Pirate, Komodo, Horizen, and Siacoin. Luxor technologies is constantly upgrading its technological base. For example, in 2023, the first third-party firmware for Antminer was presented. Miners also have access to proprietary software:

  1. Switch allows you to quickly switch between Equihash coins and achieve the highest profitability of their hash rate.
  2. Catalyst simplifies financial matters by allowing you to get paid as BTC with an altcoin hash rate.

Luxor pool allows network members to customize the mode that suits them best. You can register to create a personal account or mine coins anonymously. As for commissions (from 0% to 3%) and minimum payouts vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency. On average, Fees are at 0.2% (for DCR and LBRY 0.3%), and you can withdraw funds from 100 SC, 50 LBRY, or 0.2 DCR. A nice bonus will be the presence of the TX fee shared.

Those who choose the Luxor pool can become part of a huge international community by joining groups in instant messengers and social networks. Instructions for using the platform and answers to common questions are available on the official website For communication, you can use the email

Distinctive features of the platform

Luxor mining pool, which takes into account the current needs of bitcoin mining fans:

  • there is a Russian-speaking community in popular messengers (Discord, Telegram) + support in Russian;
  • payments are made manually and take a few seconds;
  • GRIN-31 and GRIN-29 have one balance;
  • there is a static system of rewards for additional parts of the block;
  • remuneration, taking into account the set mining threshold, is accrued instantly in automatic mode;
  • it is possible to mine any of the available coins but receive a reward in BTK thanks to the Catalyst function from Luxor tech;
  • synchronization with MiningRigRentals and NiceHash is provided;
  • geo-distributed servers help optimize work;
  • you can use the HiveOS operating system from Linux.

Soon, we can expect the appearance in the Luxor pool of additional settings for the Catalyst personal account, the integration of localization of the documentation and the site, and the launch of a mobile application with quick notifications for the convenience of managing the mining process. The developers also plan to launch an affiliate program as another source of income for miners.