Mining Pool Review – A Reliable Crypto Mining Pool

Many people are now interested in cryptocurrency, and for good reason: this area is one of the most promising ways to earn money remotely with the possibility of getting started with almost no investment. However, you can't just sit down and start mining bitcoins and other digital coins, you will need special machines, such as miners (also called ASICs) and software. With miners, everything is more or less simple: you choose a model with the best characteristics and the coin you need, connect it – and you're ready to go.

However, the choice of a mining pool should be approached with more caution and attention: you can't immediately tell if they are suitable for your needs or not, and how profitable it is to work with them. If you want to find a reliable and really profitable pool for crypto mining, is for you. is a pool that allows its users to mine a large number of digital coins with a low commission. It works on the principle of dividing tasks and power between all participants: this way mining is much easier and also much faster. The pool has a lot of positive aspects and active users all over the world. – Background and Brief Information about the Pool

There is not a lot of information about the pool or its creators, it was opened in August 2017 on several European servers. It is developed using the YiiMP protocol. The main features of this software are:

  • no need to register – connection is via closed channels with only the user's wallet involved;
  • payment is made in blocks, and until one is found, no payments are received;
  • automatic transfer of money to wallets – when the minimum limit is reached;
  • a large number of coins available for mining. has all these advantages. It is reliably protected, immediately transfers money to user accounts (even if the first payments are delayed slightly) and is suitable for both beginners and experienced miners.

The pool's modern servers are located: in the United States, EU, Asia, Russia. This allows you to stably mine cryptocurrency with the pool all over the world, without losing speed or power.

Pool Features and Functionality

The pool is designed with automatic payouts to its users. Unfortunately, they cannot be configured, but the amounts are quite small: once every two hours you can withdraw any coin from the pool, if its balance starts from 0.1. If its amount is less, you don't have to worry either: every Sunday services send any digital currency to user wallets that are more than 0.01 on the balance.

The modern Prop payment system is used for this, and the 1% commission is also charged on it.

There are a lot of coins on the site: here you can find RavenCoin, MANO, INNOVA, GoByte, Dinero, Aerium and many other profitable cryptocurrencies. Next to them you can see the main data on their mining: what hashrate, commission, algorithm used, even port. Next to the description of the coins there are also available stratum and pool for them.

How to start working with – Registration and pool setup

You will get your first coins very quickly: the pool does not require registration, you will only need the address of the digital wallet, which will be used as your username. You can get this address from the wallet itself: it is located either in your personal account or on the tab with the main information about the account.

Once you have received the address, you will need to configure your miner. You need to download it from the Internet. The main thing is to carefully look whether the selected program is suitable for the desired coin. Follow all the instructions from the developer, and you will have a ready miner for coins.

The last, but not least, is the configuration of the bat-file. It is an important part of the miner, which records data about the upcoming crypto mining. The file is edited in a regular notepad: you only need to change the text in it. All information for this is taken in the pool itself: the port of the coin, standard settings for mining in the pool, the name of the downloaded miner and algorithm, the symbol of the coin.

After saving the received bat-file (in the circles of miners it is often called simply – batnik), you can safely start mining on the pool and withdraw the received funds to your wallet.

Conclusion is a great pool for mining a wide range of digital coins. It provides a lot of convenient functions and statistics, high speed of coin mining and low commissions. Withdrawals on the pool are automatic and immediately go to