Foundry Mining Pool Review

Foundry USA pool is a popular American mining pool

Since the world began to become more diverse in earning opportunities, many tools have appeared to implement different business ideas. Mining is still a promising area in the cryptocurrency niche. To achieve some success in this field of activity, you need to buy more than just all the necessary equipment with the appropriate power characteristics and other parameters. It is essential to choose a really reliable and stable pool. It should have a reasonable hash rate; in general, a company that develops and promotes such a platform should not raise any doubts about the transparency of the terms of interaction with customers.

Foundry USA pool is a mining company from the USA. Today it is a huge pool for experienced specialists in this area. It is likely to hold onto its leadership positions in the near foreseeable future.

History of development and current trends of Foundry pool

Foundry (a subsidiary of DCG) is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. The success of this particular pool was facilitated by a specific pricing system, as well as a relatively wide range of services in addition to mining:

  • lending;

Analysts evaluate the Foundry pool as significant due to its large share in the network - about 36%.

Functionality and technical features

To date, the Foundry pool supports several types of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);

This platform actively uses the Full-Pay-Per-Share payout method, thanks to which miners can receive remuneration, the calculation of which is based on the analysis of a personal hash rate. That is, the commission is a floating value, allowing experienced miners to receive a substantial share of the profits under favorable circumstances and vigorous activity.

Since more than 10 thousand miners from America were added, it was possible to significantly increase the total computing power, which ultimately positively affected the operation of the platform as a whole.

Foundry pool uses a multi-level payment system, while developers pay a lot of attention to introducing new innovative technical solutions. Due to this, the functionality of the service is expanded. It is logical that in this connection, it was stated that the company would no longer provide its services for free but would introduce a commission. But according to experts, the conditions will be quite adequate, so it makes no sense to talk about the outflow of miners from this platform; there will be no such result.

Expanded storage, trading, and lending opportunities deserve special attention. According to the Foundry Pool developers, integration with various Genesis financial services has already been completed.

Foundry USA pool - how to register?

Today it is possible to visit the company's website and install the application on devices with any operating system. The most popular are invariably Android and iOS.

To register on the platform, it is enough to follow the standard procedure from step-by-step actions:

  • open the registration form;
  • enter email information;
  • come up with a login;
  • set a password (the system must evaluate the combination of characters as the most reliable; otherwise the client will not pass to the next step);
  • confirm registration using the link from the letter to the specified email address.

The registration procedure ends with the creation of a backup copy of the data, regardless of which platform format will be used by the user. The final stage is confirmation of agreement with the terms of service (it is advisable to read them carefully before clicking on the confirmation button so that in the future, there will be no questions due to the omission of the information set out in this agreement).

After completing all the basic steps, you can proceed to the system settings. Users note the interface of this mining pool as very convenient. Usually, there are no problems with finding suitable options.

To increase the level of security regarding access to your personal account and all assets, it is recommended to set the two-factor authentication mode immediately.


Foundry pool is not just one of the most popular mining platforms. It is a proven, reliable, safe service with no user complaints. To ensure this is a worthy choice, just read the reviews on the specialized forums. You can also find helpful recommendations there if you have any questions regarding different versions' available modes, options, and platform interface.