Any miner needs to choose a pool that is as reliable as possible, and one of the identifiers of a verified site is the duration of its operation. is the oldest resource that has been helping users generate income by generating Litecoin blocks for 12 years. It apItltaneously with this cryptocurrency and still holds leading positions, possessing a hash rate of 75.83 TH/s. Unfortunately, there is no version in Russian, so you have to mine in English, but thanks to the built-in translator in the browser there are no problems. Lightcoinpool has so many advantages that you can get used to minor difficulties.

There are plenty of good platforms for litecoin mining, but it is this site that thousands of miners consider the best. What are the features that make it top the rankings? How difficult is it to mine crypto with Litecoinpool? The answers to these and other questions you will find in our review.

Basic information about the project

Litecoinpool is an elaborate pool where mining is done with zero fees and MITM attacks can be prevented thanks to the TLSStratum port. This alone is enough to motivate you to register at and start mining coins. But these are only some of the features of the service that future partners should know.

The project is known since 2011 and its author is Pooler, one of the creators of LTC. Since the very beginning of the project, there are no additional fees, including no fees for the withdrawal of remuneration. Partners can donate if they wish. This feature allowed Litecoinpool to gain popularity very quickly, especially taking into account the low latency and the ability to manually set the degree of mining complexity. The service allows you to adapt the workflow to the equipment that the miner has, and it is enough to set the correct parameters in the personal cabinet.

At the beginning of this year, the computing power of this pool accounted for 18.3% of the global blockchain hash rate. Initially, the servers were located in the U.S., but later the location expanded to Europe (there are 8 in total). The distinctive features of Litecoinpool include:

  • Payouts exclusively through the PPS algorithm;
  • Mined cryptocurrencies LTC, DOGE;
  • A special system of task distribution depending on the capacity of the equipment used by the miner VariableDifficulty Algorithm allows achieving the highest efficiency of crypto mining;
  • Possibility to use reinforced protection against unauthorized access to profile by activating two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator;
  • Connection via a secure Tor browser to ensure mining privacy;
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the functionality of the platform, and you should keep in mind that there is no help for GPU miners because the resource involves the generation of blocks exclusively with the help of ASIC. Financial and other questions can be resolved by sending an email to Helpdesk is only in English, the answer can be expected within 24 hours. There is also a forum for integration into the crypto fan community;
  • Synchronized mining of Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Remuneration withdrawal process

You can use the calculator to calculate the potential income, and the final amount will vary depending on the current rate, characteristics, and number of Asics. In the personal cabinet, you can change the mining parameters and regulate the process of withdrawal of funds. If you choose the automatic mode Litecoinpool transfers the premium 2 times a day with an interval of 12 hours, but only if the account has more than 0.01 LTC. Manual withdrawal is also available and can be activated in the Account Settings menu.

The service has a Payments section where you can find information about the date and amount of each payment, as well as you can immediately order a payout. Service assumes the obligation to pay commissions, but users who mine Litecoin, if they want, can donate to the project's development (most do it from time to time).

Terms of mining through

Although there is no technical support for CPU- and GPU-miner, you can work not only on integrated circuits (they have the manufacturer pre-installed software), but also on processors and video cards. To do this, however, you must first install special software, such as Easy Miner, AwesomeMiner, or GUIMinerScrypt. Before you start mining you also need to change the port, the pool address, and the name of the worker, and then specify the data for the payment.

Lightcoinpul offers different ways of cooperation. You can use the Tor browser and earn anonymously or register by clicking the Join button on the website. It does not take much time to create an account the user is only asked to specify an email, nickname, and password, and choose from a list of suggested equipment that is used. To enter a profile you will need a password and login.

What a user needs to do who decides to earn money by mining LTC + DOGE:

  • Evaluate realistically his financial capabilities and purchase equipment, then perform its configuration by the recommendations, which are on the official website of the pool;
  • Download and install Litecoin Core and create a wallet, which will receive income from mining coins;
  • Fill in the registration form on the official resource and receive an email confirming the account creation;
  • Enter the configuration settings copied in the Personal Area into the corresponding fields of the equipment control panel. Set restrictions for mining difficulty, if needed;
  • Start mining and expect to receive the remuneration.

Setting up a successful business with the LightCoin pool is quite realistic if you take responsibility for your initial plan and find the money for the equipment of the latest generation. On average, one 8800 MH/s Asic pays for itself within half a year, and after that, you can start making a net profit.

Although the service does not allow you to mine a large number of cryptocurrency assets, users save significantly on commissions, and the lack of a Russian-language version and technical support can be a great incentive to learn English.