Avalon A1126 Pro S

Avalon A1126 Pro S

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Canaan produces miners that are as good as their main competitor Bitmain in terms of hash rate and other characteristics. The main advantages of the Avalon series of ashiks are their relatively low electricity costs and reliable design, designed for several years of flawless service.

If you decide to buy Avalon A1126 Pro S, it is worth examining its technical indicators and features of operation.

Features and Benefits

Canaan has released a pro version of the A1126 miner with a hash rate of 60TH, achieving an energy efficiency rating of 57 J/T. The kit includes the original power supply, which saves the user from having to purchase additional equipment. The computing power of the device is represented by 10nm chips, overclocked to maximum speeds at medium temperature. The Asik is capable of more, but it will require additional cooling.

Avalon series miners prove to be unpretentious devices, capable of working 24/7 in non-stop mode. It is an ideal option for organizing an industrial farm – the equipment rarely breaks down and requires minimal user involvement. However, consider that in a residential home due to the high noise level you will have to take care of additional soundproofing.

A built-in cooling system of 4 coolers provides the proper temperature mode, not allowing the warm air to stagnate inside the working nodes. In addition, the aluminum housing, which quickly transfers heat into the environment, is responsible for heat exchange.

Return rates are influenced by factors such as the market value of cryptocurrency, electricity rates in your area, and the right choice of the pool to connect.


- algorithm: SHA-256;

- performance (hash rate): 60 TH/s;

- power consumption: 3420 W/h;

- temperature mode: 0...+40°C;

- noise level: up to 75 dB;

- power supply: yes;

- cooling: 4 coolers;

- dimensions: 33 x 19.5 x 29 cm;

- weight: 12.2 kg.

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