Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 68 Th/s
  • Energy
    3400 W
Profitability calculation Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Mining is a decent way to earn money. Users solve tasks to receive cryptocurrency, and to solve these tasks, you need to acquire an ASIC miner. The Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s, manufactured by the Chinese company, possesses good operational characteristics, is user-friendly, and is suitable for both professional users and beginners.

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s Price

The price of Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s is calculated taking into account various factors. Primarily, this includes popularity, the fluctuating cryptocurrency exchange rate, electricity costs, consumption, power, productivity, and functional features. The miner's price increases when the cryptocurrency rate rises. Timing the purchase of an ASIC at the most opportune moment can significantly reduce the payback time, providing a substantial advantage.

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s Specifications

This miner model exhibits stability, good productivity, and relatively economical power consumption. The durable and reliable aluminum casing is corrosion and rust-resistant. A protective system prevents dust and dirt from entering the device's motor. The cooling system prevents abrupt shutdowns with unsaved user data.

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s Profitability

The profitability of Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s cannot be called stable. It depends on various factors, including the time the user is willing to dedicate to mining daily. Calculations of total income consider the miner's cost, payback time, consumption, productivity, power, exchange rate, and the popularity of the cryptocurrency the miner works with. If the ASIC is located in a rented space, rental costs are also taken into account. Profitability is not stable and can fluctuate daily.

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s Calculator

To calculate profitability, there's no need to search for complex formulas and perform calculations manually. Using the Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s calculator program simplifies this process. Simply input values into pre-existing formulas, and the system automatically generates results. It's important to note that these figures are only an estimate, as parameters regularly change.

Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s Power Consumption

The power consumption of Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s cannot be called completely economical, but it is not excessively high either. There is a way to increase profit and reduce electricity consumption by connecting a power-saving program. However, this may result in the loss of some additional features while retaining essential basic functions. These options are sufficient for earning through mining every day.

Buying the miner can be done online through the website. The electronic catalog features numerous models with varying parameters and technical characteristics.

Performance: 68 Th/s;

Coin: BTC;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Power Consumption: 3400 W.

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