Avalon Miner A1366

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm sha-256
  • Hashrate 130 Th/s
  • Power
    3250 W
Profitability calculation Avalon Miner A1366
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Canaan is one of the well-known manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment around the world that can compete against market leader Bitmain. The producer specializes in developing chips and providing specialized services. Thanks to its attention to the process of innovation, the company has been able to take a strong position in the market and has already got a lot of consumer loyalty. Over the years, it has accumulated considerable experience in the design and production of asics.

Relatively recently, new hardware entered the market: avalon miner A1366. Let's take a closer look at its features.

Main Features

On the part of Canaan, a lot of attention was paid to the performance and reliability of the mode. The device is also equipped with a special power supply, which allows ensuring stable operation. It is one of the most important features for users.

To increase the hashing speed, the algorithm of automatic scaling is provided. As a result, the level of power consumption is also reduced. According to the producer’s representative, there are big plans for that model, which has all chances to become the flagship.

We can see all the necessary parameters which can help to get cryptocurrency fast. Asic doesn’t demand any special care – just common activity.

Thus, the newly avalon bitcoin miner is a reliable and productive equipment, which will provide confident and stable work for a long time even in such difficult conditions. To order, you can contact our consultants, who will help you determine the choice and purchase of the necessary asic-mainers. We can pack and send your order as soon as possible. Also, we’ll support you during the work.

Specifications include:

  • 130 Th/s performance
  • Power output: 3250 W
  • Size: 297*192*292 mm
  • Ethernet
  • 75 dB
  • Temperature range: 5-45 C
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