Avalon A1246 83 Th/s

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s

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The Avalon A1246 83 Th/s ASIC is high-performance equipment released by the Canaan brand for Bitcoin mining. It is stable, efficient technology that allows mining at a speed of 83 terahashes per second on an industrial scale. The equipment can be used as a standalone unit or for creating a mining farm. The model is part of Canaan's lineup of the most productive devices.

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s Price

Comparing the price of Avalon A1246 83 Th/s with ASICs from other manufacturers of identical performance, it is significantly lower. This allows the equipment to pay off faster and generate a net income. The technical specifications of Avalon A1246 83 Th/s do not lag behind models from popular brands like Bitmain or Innosilicon. The ASIC is a good alternative to expensive miners with similar hashing speeds.

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s Specifications

The Avalon A1246 ASIC is designed in a familiar style for miners. The aluminum casing is exceptionally durable and resistant to impact. To ensure stable operation and prevent chip overheating, the equipment is equipped with high-temperature fans with seven blades each.
The design of the cooling system is such that two fans at the front of the case blow air and direct it to the hash boards, while the paired 2 fans at the back of the ASIC remove warm air, accelerating its circulation within the device. The fans are designed to operate at a constant current of 4.5 A and voltage of ≈12 V.
The noise level from the ASIC at 75 dB does not allow its use in apartments. Even the presence of a special noise-absorbing box will only slightly reduce the level of sound pressure, so miners should be placed in non-residential and well-ventilated premises.

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s Profitability

The Avalon A1246 83 Th/s ASIC shows impressive profitability according to analytical data today, especially when mining Bitcoin. However, the profitability of the equipment in a few months and years depends on the coin exchange rates, network difficulty, maintenance costs, electricity costs, and rental expenses. The average payback period for Avalon A1246 is 8-10 months.

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s Calculator

Experienced miners, when purchasing new equipment, calculate the expected profitability of the ASIC using mining calculator programs. You can calculate the profitability of investing in Avalon A1246 83 Th/s on our website using such a calculator. Simply fill in the fields for electricity tariffs, input hashrate, cryptocurrency, and device power consumption. The program will show through complex calculations what net profit the ASIC can bring in a specific time frame.

Avalon A1246 83 Th/s Power Consumption

For the efficient operation of the miner, a high level of energy supply is required, as the power consumption of the Avalon A1246 83 Th/s is 3420 W. When connected to a wall socket, this value can vary within -5%⁓+5%. Due to high energy efficiency and high mining speed, electricity costs will not be significantly noticeable.
It is recommended to buy Avalon A1246 83 Th/s or ASIC of another model from the manufacturer online in our store. Delivery is available nationwide.

Performance: 83 Th/s;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Power Consumption: 3420 W;

Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ACOIN, PPC, CRW, CURE, XJO, UNB, DEM, TRC, and others;

Cooling System: Air, 4 Cooler Master;

Energy Efficiency: 40 J/Th;

Operating Temperature: from +5 – +35°C;

Noise: 75 dB;

Weight: 12.8 kg;

Overall Dimensions: 420x290x395 mm.

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