Avalon A1246 83T

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Canaan Creative is one of the leading companies in the world of blockchain and ASIC development.

Avalon A1246 is an innovative cryptocurrency mining system, in particular Bitcoin, which features the widely known SHA256 algorithm. The high performance of this ASIC allows you to start working at peak capacity in as little as 20 minutes after starting the device.

The Avalon A1246 83 TH/s is made in a familiar, however, perfectly proven aluminum top-drawer case, and is also equipped with four fans for system cooling.

This model has the following features:

  • Built-in algorithm – SHA256;
  • Seconds performance – 83TH;
  • Power consumption – 3420V;
  • Four 12038 series cooling coolers;
  • Optimal temperatures for operation: -5°C to 30°C;
  • Operating volume – 75 dB;
  • Dimensions in centimeters – 42х29, 2х39,5;
  • Weight – 12 kg.

Advantages of Avalon A1246 83T

A hash rate of 83 Th/s significantly outperforms its competitors in performance, providing more productive and faster operation.

Avalon's energy efficiency is also ahead of its rivals at 38J/TH, while its opponents are running at 45-46J/TH.

The Asik A1246 83T comes with the original power supply, which in turn provides performance that is unmatched by the competition.

Avalon is much more efficient for Bitcoin mining than, for example, crypto farms on video cards, with ASIC winning in many points.

The compactness of this model allows you to install it in any convenient place, and with the help of a noise insulation box, you can ensure its quiet and unobtrusive operation. Avalon is easy to use: just turn on the device and link it to your wallet to start the mining process. You can also note the short payback period of the ASIC.

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