Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s

Profitability calculation Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s
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To have the ability to effectively earn money with cryptocurrency through mining, you need a good, reliable device. The Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro ASIC is just that. Easy to use and manage, low-maintenance, and reliable, it is well-reviewed by users and suitable for both beginners and advanced miners. This enhanced miner model comes with a broader range of features.

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro Price

As of today, it's challenging to specify the exact price of the Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro, as it is not fixed. The price fluctuates based on changes in certain factors, such as the cost of electricity and cryptocurrency exchange rates. The miner's power, productivity, and functionality also influence the price. By knowing all these indicators and keeping an eye on the market, you can choose the right moment to purchase the miner at a favorable cost.

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro Specifications

The device's body is made of durable aluminum, protected from corrosion and rust. The motor has water, dirt, and dust protection. An efficient cooling system prevents the miner from overheating and unexpected shutdowns without saving user data. The miner operates with Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency using the SHA-256 algorithm. It comes with a built-in power supply. The package includes an operational manual and a warranty card.

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro Profitability

To estimate the approximate profitability of the Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro, you need to decide how much time you are willing to dedicate to mining daily. For substantial profits, it's advisable to mine for several hours each day. Profitability calculations take into account power consumption, productivity, electricity costs, the popularity and exchange rate of the cryptocurrency the miner works with, and the initial equipment cost. Once the miner fully pays for itself, you can consider the profit as net income. Effective and productive mining typically results in profitability after about a year, according to practical experience. To achieve faster returns, one needs to spend a significant portion of the day solving mining tasks, which may not be feasible for everyone.

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro Calculator

Previously, calculating the approximate earnings from a miner required searching for formulas, inputting values, and performing calculations, which could lead to errors. Now, with the Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro calculator, all these complexities can be avoided. The program allows users to calculate everything based on values, providing ready-made formulas. The result is available in seconds. However, users should understand that the result is only an approximation and may differ from reality, given the fluctuating amounts of mined cryptocurrency, electricity costs, and currency exchange rates.

Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro Power Consumption

The power consumption of the Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s Pro cannot be considered entirely economical but is not excessively high either. To reduce consumption, you can activate the power-saving function, which will disable additional options but leave the basic ones. According to practical experience, the basic options are sufficient to generate good daily income, which will increase as a result of power savings.

Performance: 63 Th/s;

Power Consumption: 3276 W;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Weight: 11.4 kg.

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