Avalon 1146 Pro

Avalon 1146 Pro

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Avalon 1146 pro was released in August 2020 by Canaan. This device is designed for Bitcoin and sha256 cryptocurrency mining. Good energy efficiency and great hash rate overclocking have made Avalon 1146 pro one of the most in-demand devices of 2020.


Accessories. Aluminum case, 4 coolers with a fast cooling system. Includes a power supply to increase power output. Connects to the Ethernet network.
  • Size – 331.195.292.
  • Weight – 11,4 kg.
  • Overclocking hash rate – 56 TH/s.
  • With the help of custom firmware, you can increase the overclocking by several times.
  • Power consumption – 3198 W (±5%).
  • Power efficiency – 57 J/T.
Device profitability. For this service is suitable «WhatToMine».

The payback period is 12-16 months.
Buy Avalon 1146 pro is available on our website, from official representatives, by pre-order on third-party sites. There are also many used models at a good price.

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