Whatsminer M31S+ 86T

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MicroBT is releasing a line of Whatsminer miners based on the SHA-256 algorithm. The new model M31S+ is designed for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Asik is suitable for equipping a home farm and can be used for industrial mining.

If you intend to buy Whatsminer M31S+ 86 TH/s, it is worth carefully studying its specifications and learning the features of its work.

Features and Benefits

The Whatsminer M31S+ 86T miner can be called compact and high-performance. The hash rate of 86 TH/s is a good indicator, which accelerates the payback of the device and increases its profitability. The equipment is suitable for mining many popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Crown, Litecoin Cash, and others.

The device works in a wide temperature range and humidity up to 95%. The manufacturer uses Plug & Play technology, that is, it is included in the work immediately after connecting to the network and the Internet. The user does not have to waste time on setting up.

The miners of this series have an excellent reputation in the cryptocurrency mining equipment market. They are characterized by stability in operation, and rarely break down, but if it does happen, they can be easily repaired.

The models come with a built-in power supply and surge protection. The aluminum alloy housing prevents the boards from overheating and failing. Two built-in coolers on the front and back of the miner are also responsible for cooling.

The profitability of M31S+ depends on the market value of the mined cryptocurrency and the electricity tariffs in your region. The pool you connect to, and more specifically the amount of commission, matters.

Technical specifications:

- hashing algorithm: SHA-256;

- performance (hash rate): 86 TH/s;

- power consumption: 3440 W/h;

- noise level: 79 dB;

- temperature range: -5...+40°C;

- cooling system: two integrated coolers;

- dimensions: 15.5 x 39 x 24 cm;

- weight: 12.5 kg.

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