Avalon A1246 93T

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Asik-mainers from Avalon are high-powered devices designed for mining cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 algorithm. This is one of the most popular encryption protocols used by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. Before you buy Avalon A1246 93 TH/s, you should carefully study its features and technical parameters.

Features and Benefits

Avalon A1246 miners are serious competition to Bitmain not only due to the increased power and hash rate but also due to the lower price. Canaan products in a similar configuration will cost less than the top models from Bitmain.

Asik A1246 93T is suitable for mining BTC and another 100 cryptocurrencies working on the SHA-256 algorithm. The high hash rate speeds up the return on investment, especially if the owner is mining on multiple devices.

The case is made of durable aluminum alloy – this metal contributes to accelerated heat exchange, so the device does not overheat while working. Four built-in coolers are also responsible for the cooling system, which do not let the warm air stagnate inside the device.

The level of profitability depends on the following factors: mined cryptocurrency, and electricity rates in your area. In addition, the right choice of pool and the commission charged by the community of miners for their services are also important.

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