Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s

Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s

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MicroBT has introduced an enhanced model in the Whatsminer series to the mining equipment market. The declared technical specifications of the M30S 90 Th/s enable efficient participation in the mining process and ensure positive profitability.

Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s Specifications

The Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s miner is high-performance mining equipment used for producing virtual currencies such as Litecoin Cash, Crown, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. The output of digital currency is achieved through nanotechnologies, specifically upgraded 8nm chips from Samsung, with a total of 444 units. Integrated microprocessors are responsible for a fast production process and high-quality mathematical calculations. The obtained data is processed by special ASIC boards and stored in a memory block.

To ensure complete identity of the digital original, a universal SHA-256 hashing algorithm is used. This encoding method ensures complete security and prevents the possibility of hacking attacks. The integration of innovative technologies has significantly increased the mining speed, with the hash rate ranging within 90 Th/s.

During operation, the internal mechanism generates a considerable amount of heat. To reduce this indicator, a special air cooling system is installed, consisting of two fans located at the front and rear of the structure. The noise level during their operation reaches 75 dB, allowing the mining farm to be used in standard premises. The equipment's aluminum alloy casing serves as the second heat dissipation mechanism, preventing the penetration of dust particles and moisture.

The original factory-equipped device can be purchased on the official representatives' website, where the price for the Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s offers an optimal balance of quality.

The technical characteristics of the Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s allow for a quick return on the investment in mining equipment while maintaining profitability at a stable level.

Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s Profitability

The high production capabilities of the device enable a high level of profitability for the Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s. When determining this indicator, external influencing factors such as the value of the digital currency and the network participation difficulty must be considered.

Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s Calculator

Virtual services with specific programming can visualize profitability indicators and the level of return on investment. The online calculator for Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s provides an approximate result of mining activity to determine further actions.

Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s Power Consumption

Mining equipment requires a significant amount of electrical energy for mathematical calculations. The power consumption level of the Whatsminer M30S 90 Th/s is 3472 W. Providing the necessary amount of energy is possible by choosing a suitable tariff plan, installing alternative electricity generation systems, and using advanced software.

Algorithm Used: SHA-256

Digital Currency Output: Litecoin Cash/Crown/Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin

Performance: 90 Th/s

Power Consumption: 3472 W

Noise Level: 75 dB

Temperature Range: -5…+35⁰C

Cooling: Air (2 fans)

Dimensions: 390 x 150 x 225 mm

Weight: 10.5 kg

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