Whatsminer M30S 90T

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Whatsminer is one of the leading manufacturers of SHA-256 miners. The new model with improved performance indicators has 444 upgraded chips. Integral circuits made by Samsung 8nm in all respects are superior to asics on 7nm chips.

This asic can mine not only Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies with the SHA-256: Bitcoin Cash, Crown, and Litecoin Cash. The power of the device surpasses that of its competitors.

Before you buy Whatsminer M30S 90 TH/s, it is worth examining its technical indicators in more detail.

Features and Benefits

Whatsminer M30S 90Th is able to mine more than 20 cryptocurrencies – you can choose a coin depending on the market situation and the current rate. The device is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which protects the working nodes from external influences and overheating.

The cooling system is also responsible for fans on both sides of the case. The coolers remove heat, preventing the chips and other components from overheating.

There is a built-in power supply, which saves the user from having to buy additional accessories. The M30S 90T ashik does not need a long setup and professional connection.

The relatively modest size of the equipment allows you to organize a mining farm, connecting a network of several miners at once. Such a system will pay for itself faster, but it is worth bearing in mind that the noise level will be too high in a home environment.

Asik from Whatsminer is plugged into the network using a simple Ethernet connector. Once connected, you will need to enter the IP address of your browser. The level of profitability depends not only on the right choice of coin but also on the connection to a suitable pool.

Technical specifications:

  • SHA-256;
  • Chips: Samsung 8nm;
  • Performance (hashrate): 90 TH/s;
  • Power consumption: 3472 W;
  • Temperature range: +5...+35 C;
  • Humidity level: 5-95%;
  • Size: 39*15*22,5 cm;
  • Weight: 10,5 kg;
  • Noise level: 75 dB.
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