Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s

Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s

Profitability calculation Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s
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The Ebang Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s ASIC miner by Ebang is effective equipment designed for generating electronic coins. The device operates using the SHA-256 algorithm embedded within the miner. Bitcoin Cash, BTC, Crown, and other cryptocurrencies adhering to this embedded protocol are created on the miner.

Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s Miner Specifications

Before purchasing the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with its positive characteristics. The company has created this miner for the production of electronic coins in home conditions. This advanced, high-quality device stands out for its stability, reliability, and affordable cost. The equipment can operate continuously for an extended period. Timely diagnostics of the miner delights the miner with high performance. The use of DW 1228 chips ensures the rapid execution of operations within a second. Two fans eliminate air stagnation and dissipate heat from the hash boards, ensuring the necessary temperature for the electronic components during continuous operation. Two additional fans are integrated into the power supply.

The Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s ASIC miner is designed with a functional design and has compact dimensions. The casing of the miner is made of an aluminum alloy, allowing efficient heat dissipation. The built-in programs guarantee the stability of the miner's operation. The universal design of the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner protects it from mechanical damage.

Profitability of Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s Miner

The profitability of the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner depends on the cost of 1 kilowatt of electricity at the time of cryptocurrency mining. Profit is calculated considering the choice of electronic currency and the mining pool to which it needs to be connected. It is also recommended to consider the rent of the space for mining electronic coins and the cost of the cryptocurrency at the time of mining. The feature of the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner is its low power consumption compared to other miner options.

Utilizing the device for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies provides an opportunity to earn a decent amount every day. The income depends on the time spent on mining. According to statistics, the electrical equipment pays off within a few years.

Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s Miner Calculator

The profitability of the ASIC is calculated using an online calculator. Miners do not need to perform calculations using formulas. To use the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s calculator, specify its model, the cost of electricity, and the name of the electronic currency. The program automatically performs the calculation and demonstrates the average earnings per day, month, year. The calculation also includes the rental price of the space.

Power Consumption of Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s

The power consumption of the Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner is 2850 W. This is an average value in an economical mode embedded in the ASIC. This feature allows the miner to minimize costs and consistently have income.

The Ebit E12+ 50 Th/s miner can be purchased online at an advantageous price. The catalog offers a wide range of devices for mining various cryptocurrencies. All models are characterized by high performance and quick profitability. Miners are guaranteed an ideal mining experience with this miner.

Power Consumption: 2850 W

Noise Level: Up to 70 dB

Performance: 50 Th/s

Weight: 10 kg

Cooling System: Air

Energy Efficiency: 1604 W/Th

Hashrate: 1770 Gh/s

Temperature Difference: From 0 to +40°C

Algorithm: SHA256

Dimensions: 420.5 x 19.5 x 30.3 cm

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