Ebit E12+

Ebit E12+

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Ebang International Holdings Inc. develops and sells asic-mainers designed to calculate cryptocurrency blocks. The EBIT E12 device works using the SHA256 algorithm and is designed for mining BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Crown and other coins based on this protocol. Before you buy Ebang EBIT E12+, it is worth studying the characteristics of the device, features of its operation and its advantages.

Technical Characteristics

The main technical parameters of the E12+ asic:

  • operating algorithm – SHA256;
  • performance (hash rate) – 50 TH/s;
  • power consumption – 2850 W;
  • noise level – 70 dB;
  • mass – 10 kg;
  • overall dimensions - 20,5 х 19,5 х 30,3 cm;
  • working temperature range – from 0 to +40°C;
  • the permissible level of humidity – from 5 to 95%.

Features and Benefits

The manufacturer managed to develop a piece of powerful equipment for mining, which optimally combines quality, reliability and reasonable price. The device is designed for continuous operation and gives high-performance indicators with proper maintenance.

The DW 1228 integrated circuits (chips) provide high computing operations per second. Due to two powerful coolers, stagnant air zones are eliminated, creating comfortable temperature conditions for 24-hour operation.

The Ebang miner has a functional design and a quite compact size compared to other asic models. The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which contributes to additional heat dissipation. The reinforced updated design allows multiple miners to be connected along with power supplies. The factory software guarantees stable operation of the equipment.

Among the main advantages of the new Ebang EBIT E12+ ASIK model is the reduced power consumption compared to other modifications at high mining speed.


Profits from mining depend heavily on the current market situation and the cost of electricity in your area. On average, it's a few hundred dollars every month.

The choice of cryptocurrency and the pool you connect to matter, as well as the service fees and the amount of remuneration. On our site, you can choose the best pool to work in the team of miners.

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