Empowering Businesses: Exploring 0xProcessing’s Crypto Payment Solutions

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  • 12 April, 2024 13:20

It’s impossible to ignore how the world has changed over the past few years. Using familiar bank cards is becoming less and less convenient. Restrictions negatively affect ordinary users and global business. High commissions, decreasing number of orders and many more different problems. Now cryptocurrency is becoming the most reasonable solution. Interest is much lower, withdrawal of funds is more convenient. This option is universal and suitable for everyone. But despite this, people continue to underestimate how much cryptocurrency payments are safer and more convenient. Today we will tell you about the crypto processing service 0xProcessing and why it’s cool to accept crypto.

What is 0xProcessing?

0xProcessing is a proven payment gateway for businesses that is already well established in the market. The gateway stands out from its competitors due to its smart solutions and convenient service for businesses of all sizes. 0xProcessing offers customers favorable and transparent crypto payment processing terms.

The most important value of the service is security. The proprietary blockchain infrastructure allows for a significant level of security, eliminating third-party risks. 

0xProcessing solutions: from Web3 to Recurring payments

0xProcessing offers 5 transaction methods. At the same time, the service is actively developing and the release of one more payment method is planned already in 2024.

Web3 processing

It represents a new generation of payment systems that allow transactions directly between users without intermediaries and centralized payment providers. Payments are accepted through smart contracts using liquidity pools. This technology allows payments to be made in just a few clicks, while transaction transparency and security remain at a high level. 

Clients pay for services using Web3 wallets in the format of a mobile wallet or a widget on the website, which is convenient. This makes the process of accepting payments more transparent and comfortable.

Static wallet

This is a new method of replenishing the account. 0xProcessing service creates client wallets with an unchanged address. This is very convenient, because now with each new payment,no matter if it is a fixed or non-fixed amount, the address of the wallet always remains the same. This greatly reduces the risk of errors and simplifies the whole payment system.

Recurring (regular) payments

Allow users to subscribe to any service. Web3 wallet is used for this purpose. How do recurring payments work? The same way as Web3, on the basis of smart contracts. The client needs to specify the frequency and amount of payment, and then the payment will be made automatically.

Classic processing

0xProcessing service also provides traditional crypto processing services. Payment with a fixed amount, payment without a fixed amount are good old classics!

Crypto-fiat withdrawal

0xProcessing clients have the opportunity not only to accept payments in cryptocurrency, but also to withdraw funds in fiat currency to bank accounts. The process is as follows: 

  • your customer makes a payment in a cryptocurrency such as BTC; 
  • 0xProcessing converts this payment and sends it to your bank account using SWIFT & SEPA systems; 
  • you instantly receive the payment in fiat currency such as USD.

P2P (release in 2024)

These are direct card-to-card payments without intermediaries or third parties. This format allows you to speed up the transaction process. Your customer sends a payment by card number, 0xProcessing after confirming receipt of the payment, transfers it directly to your account.

How to connect 0xProcessing?

We share step-by-step instructions on how to integrate 0xProcessing service.

  1. Filling out the form

On the service’s website, the user fills out a simple and clear form in which he/she needs to leave his/her contact details and specify the most convenient format of communication, for example, via Telegram messenger.

  1. Verification procedure

After the user has filled out the form, a personal manager comes back to him. The manager will clarify a few questions about the format and focus of your business. 

A big advantage of the 0xProcessing service is that each customer is assigned a personal manager who accompanies the user all the way from registration to the first transaction and beyond. Personal managers will answer all questions, support and solve possible problems. This is not a soulless machine or bot, but a real live person.

  1. Product selection 

At this stage, the manager clarifies your wishes. The task is to accurately determine the client’s request and choose the most suitable solution. 0xProcessing specialists will help you choose the most optimal product that will solve the main request of the merchant. Here the details on further cooperation are clarified and the questions that the client is interested in are removed.

  1. Service integration

At the end of the setup call, the technician sends the data to the client to integrate the service. 0xProcessing is connected via API, using code. 

Merchant integrates the service with the help of its own technical specialists. 0xProcessing team stays in touch and helps to solve possible issues. After the service integration, the first transaction takes place. Merchant receives his first payment and that’s it – the system works and is already debugged. The merchant can monitor transactions in his personal cabinet. A convenient built-in dashboard shows up-to-date analytics on all of the merchant’s cash flows and other useful data, such as the current exchange rate. 

That’s it! You have successfully connected 0xProcessing. Congratulations!

After four simple steps of successful integration, the merchant becomes not just a client, but a partner. You can already participate in the 0xProcessing service’s partner program. Bring a business that also needs a processing service and get more favorable terms of cooperation.

Who can benefit from 0xProcessing service?

0xProcessing is universal and will suit any type of business, from small to large. The service is for those who are used to convenience and appreciate reliability, security and personal approach. It doesn’t matter at all where you live. 0xProcessing clients are free people living and building businesses in different parts of the world. 

Advantages and features of 0xProcessing

The service has been in existence for more than 4 years. During this period, we managed to create a high quality product with a focus on customer comfort and security. Today, 0xProcessing users are more than 400 merchants, and the total turnover of the platform has already exceeded 800 million dollars. 

Let’s tell you more about the main useful features of 0xProcessing:

  • Rich infrastructure. 50+ cryptocurrencies, 18 stablecoins and 13 blockchains are available to all 0x customers.
  • High conversion rate. A wide choice of cryptocurrencies and convenient thoughtful design of payment forms ensure high conversion to payment.
  • Security. All 0xProcessing products, including the backbone of the service, is a proprietary technology solution created by the product development team. In addition, the service undergoes regular external audits and provides customers with 2FA-5FA verification capabilities.
  • Protection against volatility. The Volatility Risk Control System (VRCS) avoids the risks of high volatility of cryptocurrency. Funds received from the client are automatically converted into one of the stablecoins supported by 0xProcessing.
  • Favorable terms of cooperation. 0xProcessing charges a one-way commission only when funding your account. All other operations from conversion to withdrawal are not subject to commission from 0xProcessing.
  • Speed of operation. Fast integration and high speed of payment forms attracts users all over the world.
  • High service. Constant support from personal managers all the way from registration to the first transaction.

In the world of rapidly developing crypto-payment technologies, 0xProcessing service stands out for its thoughtfulness, security and usability. The variety of services offered, including innovative transaction methods and the ability to convert cryptocurrency to fiat, make 0xProcessing an attractive choice for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Using the service is easy and secure, thanks to a robust blockchain infrastructure and personalized support from managers. 0xProcessing is a reliable and stable solution for businesses that are ready for growth and want to maximize their customers’ convenience by connecting crypto-processing.

Join 0xProcessing and let your business reach cosmic heights.

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