Used Antminer S19 Bitcoin Rigs Becoming a Lucrative Investment

  • Sergey Maga
  • 21 November, 2023 13:06
Used Antminer S19 Bitcoin Rigs Becoming a Lucrative Investment

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining, a new trend is emerging. With electricity prices at $0.04/kWh or lower, the acquisition of used Antminer S19 mining rigs has become an incredibly lucrative investment. These rigs, available at around $4/T, offer a remarkably short payback period of just a few months. Analyst Jaran Mellerud highlights this opportunity, noting the potential for a significant increase in value during the next bull market. This mirrors the price surge of the Antminer S9 rigs in 2021.

The Antminer S19 rigs, known for their efficiency and power, represent a strategic investment for miners. As the crypto market fluctuates, these assets become even more valuable. Mellerud’s advice comes at a time when the mining industry is seeking cost-effective and efficient ways to capitalize on the market’s volatility, according to  JMellerud

This scenario mirrors historical trends in the crypto market, where savvy investments during low periods have yielded substantial returns during market surges. The advice to invest in used Antminer S19 rigs is not just a reflection of current market conditions but also a strategic move for future gains.

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