What is BITMAIN tomorrow? The interview with market whale about halving and Pow future

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  • 6 December, 2023 16:46

In September, Hong Kong hosted the large-scale World Digital Mining Summit 2023. The theme of this year’s event was preparing for the impending bull market. At the summit, a long-awaited new product was unveiled: the ANTMINER S21 from leading manufacturer BITMAIN.

We spoke with BITMAIN’s marketing department to gather insights about future developments. Below, we share the story of one of the giants of the industry.

BITMAIN — The Equipment Innovator

The core business sphere of the company is manufacturing and distribution of the crypto mining equipment. What objective does BITMAIN aim to accomplish?

Our goal is to help clients keep the income at least at the same level regardless of market fluctuations. We are going to achieve it by providing the equipment that suits requests of enhanced hashrate and reduced energy efficiency. That’s why we’re constantly mastering the products. 

Let’s take the E9 model as an example. It was one of the most popular machines among the ANTMINERs. Nevertheless, we released the E9 Pro that had a 25% optimized energy efficiency of 0.6 J/M and a better performance ratio.

Let’s also review the ANTMINER S21 and S21 Hyd.. BITMAIN announced during the World Digital Mining Summit 2023 (WDMS 2023) that it will launch its latest ANTMINER. The ANTMINER S21 Hyd. (hydro-cooling miner) has a hashrate of up to 335T with an energy efficiency of only 16 J/T, while the ANTMINER S21(air-cooling miner) has a hashrate of up to 200T with an energy efficiency of only 17.5 J/T. In addition to the absolute performance advantage, their environmental adaptability has also been further improved. Both the S21 Hyd. and the S21 are adapted to a maximum ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, allowing for worry-free operation around the world.

Making the list of TOP-3 miners with the best performance we would definitely add S21 Hyd. and S21 and S19 XP hydro to it. These are the absolute leaders of our market.

Originally the company was focused on BTC miners. How has the position changed throughout the last few years?

Definitely, Bitcoin is the most popular coin to mine. However altcoins have become a significant part of the PoW ecosystem that gains more and more attention. Several coins require totally different equipment. BITMAIN attaches significant importance to the production of such machines.

Today you can mine about a dozen altcoins on ANTMINER. We have recently released the Kaspa miner KS3, the E9 Pro for ETC, L7 for LTC/Doge, Z15 Pro for ZEC, D9 for DASH, KA3 for KDA, and K7 for CKB. All of them have gained significant recognition on the market, since there are only a few manufacturers focused on altcoin miners.

Requests for ASIC’s performance are growing every year. The average working temperature is growing as well. How does BITMAIN solve this problem?

As mentioned earlier, we have recently introduced the ANTMINER S21 and S21 Hyd., both of which have had their environmental adaptability further improved. Both the S21 Hyd. and S21 are designed to operate at a maximum ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, enabling worry-free operation worldwide. Additionally, ANTSPACE HK3 V6, designed specifically for hydro-cooling mining, offers three one-stop solutions – plate heat exchanger, dry-wet tower, and dry tower – ensuring full temperature range coverage and meeting the diverse needs of regions with varying water resources.

Searching for the alternative to reduce the temperature we turned towards the hydro-cooling system that is already built into the miner.

The ANTMINER S19 XP Hydro is a great example. The machine is built on the SHA-256 algorithm and produces a power equal to 257 TH/s at 20.8 J/TH. These numbers considerably surpass other bestsellers. It’s equipped with a hydro-cooling system instead of coolers that finally affects the performance.

The clients value the model for the cost-effectiveness due to low operating temperatures, stable hashrate and low noise.

Speaking of the fame of your equipment. In December 2022 you’ve launched the ANTMINER HS3 at a retail price of $2092. It was sold out within 27 seconds. How can you explain such a lightning-fast sale?

Such situations are quite common for us. The trust for our machines on the market, preliminarily announcements, the high quality — these are the main reasons. There is no need to write off success mainly on a marketing campaign.

The up-mentioned BITMAIN HS3 is the most powerful Handshake miner on the market. It has a hashrate performance of 9 Th/s with a low power consumption of only 2079W. The machine is equipped with 4 coolers so it doesn’t overheat even at maximum loads.

Crypto Winter is called the perfect time to purchase equipment. The closer halving is the less time is left for good deals. So when it’s the best time for buying ASICs? 

Just like Dambisa Moyo said, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”. We adhere to the same opinion when speaking about buying the equipment.

Any time is the best time to start mining crypto currency. It’s true that prices for coins are at a low level. But it’s also true that the ASIC prices are proportionately low. Today the entry barrier is short. That makes it a good time to start mining and fully use all the growth opportunities. And we recommend you to take this chance.

BITMAIN — Tomorrow’s plans

Halving is one of the most discussed topics in mining community. How does the company see the crypto mining after this event?

Right after the moment bitcoin will be cut in half, the mining difficulty will significantly rise. It could be crucial for small players, however the big ones could benefit from the stable awards.

On the eve of halving we are supporting our clients. Advanced mining equipment like the ANTMINER S21, S21 Hyd. and ANTMINER can assist miners in enhancing efficiency, resisting risk, and potentially increasing earnings. The series are the best efficiency miners which means they really face nearly zero shutdown risk.

The market changes rapidly and stays almost unpredictable How does it affect the company plans?

Such a state of affairs obliges BITMAIN to build adaptive, but confident development strategies. We update already launched services and products and sponsor some innovative projects regarding PoW ecosystem. We expect that the industry will come out of the crypto winter and halving consequences not only with minimal losses, but with carefully thought out evolution prospects.

We’ve invested lots of resources researching and engineering advanced crypto mining solutions. We actively evolve products and services in the PoW, trying to move forward the ecosystem itself.

And now, almost a year later, our clients await the absolutely new product on the market. We are ready to present the ANTMINER S21 during the World Digital Mining Summit that will take place in Hong Kong, September 22-23. The innovative series model achieves an efficiency of less than 20 J/TH, which significantly exceeds the performance of other flagships.

Today BITMAIN is well known as a world giant in manufacturing mining equipment. However it’s not the only track that company follows. What are the others?

We are working with more than 100 countries and regions, while a large part of our client base is concentrated in the North American market where we promote the ideas of “green” crypto mining. We’ve also deployed hydro-cooling miners in CIS and South America and advocated for clean energy in Europe.

Today we set ourselves another ambitious goal that is far beyond providing clients with high-quality equipment. We strive to create a digital world built on the mutual benefit of all participants.

In the nearest hundred years we’ll do everything possible to lay the foundation of the hashrate infrastructure for web 3.0 and help humanity make a leap into a new era.

The plan is truly ambitious. Will BITMAIN carry it out just by itself?

The creation of a universal mining ecosystem in the nearest future requires the integration of the market whales. That’s why we have established strategic partnerships with other “whales” of the market. Among them

Antpool, one of the leading mining pools in the world;

●BitFuFu, a large and fast-growing provider of cloud mining services;

●Antalpha, a provider of services in the field of digital assets, cryptography and mining.

We also cover a significant part of the popular PoW operating coins such as BTC, ETC, LTC, Doge, KDA, Dash. We believe that PoW is the best consensus mechanism in the history of mankind, and we look forward to creating a thriving ecosystem in the community.

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