Immersion Cooling Transforms China’s Crypto Mining Landscape

  • Sergey Maga
  • 31 July, 2023 13:55
Immersion Cooling Transforms China’s Crypto Mining Landscape

In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, China has been leading the charge with innovative technologies. Among these, immersion cooling has emerged as a game-changing solution, propelling the crypto mining industry to new heights of efficiency. Meng Summer, the General Manager of Bitmars, a leading supplier of miners and related parts, has shared her insights on this transformative technology.

“Compared to air-cooling, oil immersion cooling and water cooling are more efficient,” Summer explained. These methods use oil or water for heat exchange rather than relying on air. With the increasing power needs of crypto mining machines, air-cooling methods often fall short, frequently encountering errors due to high temperatures. Therefore, for high-power heat dissipation environments, “liquid cooling is essential,” emphasized Summer.

In discussing the shift to liquid cooling, Summer highlighted the economic considerations involved. The additional cost of immersion liquid cooling primarily stems from the liquid cooling equipment, making the initial investment higher than air-cooled systems. However, the payback period may be quicker due to the superior cooling environment and overclocking capabilities.

One crucial element in immersion cooling is the type of liquid used. Bitmars has developed a primarily synthetic oil with high purity and added additives. This oil, Summer noted, “is expected to be used for more than 10 years and has been tested and operated stably for nearly three years.” The company tested a wide range of cooling fluids and found that some, such as mineral oil, could damage crypto mining machine components in the long run. Fluorinated liquids were another option, but the high cost made them prohibitive for crypto mining purposes.

Despite the considerable benefits of immersion cooling, there are challenges involved. In the crypto mining industry, retrofitting air-cooled crypto mining machines and ensuring compatibility with immersion liquid cooling can be tricky. The risk of oil leakage is another concern. Summer reassured that Bitmars has addressed this problem in its products, stating, “we have since completely addressed this technological vulnerability, and no other product has experienced oil leakage since then.”

The company’s belief in the importance of immersion cooling has led it to develop the Fog Hashing oil immersion cooling container, a highly reliable specialized container. This tailored solution caters to the unique requirements of each customer. They also offer a one-year warranty period and provide replacement or repair services to customers worldwide.

Summer believes that the future won’t be about switching from air-cooling to oil-cooling, but about choosing native oil-cooled servers. As such, immersion cooling seems set to become the standard for cryptocurrency mining in China and beyond. Despite the challenges, Bitmars is actively promoting immersion cooling technology, underlining its commitment to driving the next revolution in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

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