A Review of Commission Programs: Which Mining Pool Offers Reliability and High Returns?

  • Ultramining.com
  • 8 November, 2023 17:42
A Review of Commission Programs: Which Mining Pool Offers Reliability and High Returns?

In the crypto space, aside from mining, referral commissions serve as another stable source of income. These commissions are earned by assisting mining pools in recruiting new users, and many KOLs also regard referral commissions as a significant revenue stream. However, it is no easy task to choose a pool with a reliable and lucrative commission program from the numerous options available. To help you make an informed decision, we have evaluated various mining pools and their commission programs, with a particular focus on stability and commission ratios.

I. Stability
It’s widely recognized that stability is crucial for miners, as it guarantees steady profits. Since most pools offer commissions based on a percentage of the transaction fees, any technical issue affecting the mining revenue will also reduce the referral commission.

Therefore, long-term stability is highly valued when miners choose a mining pool. As of November 7, the top 10 BTC pools (in terms of hashrate) include Foundry USA, AntPool, F2Pool, ViaBTC Pool, Binance Pool, Luxor, MARA Pool, SBI Crypto, and BTC.com. Among them, ViaBTC Pool, Binance Pool, SBI Crypto, and BTC.com provide referral commission services, and we will concentrate on these four pools to compare their commission rules.

II. Commission Rules

  1. ViaBTC
    ViaBTC offers two types of referral rewards. On this pool, users may choose to make general referrals, which come with a 10% commission on transaction fees and are valid for 12 months. They also have the option to become ViaBTC Ambassadors, which grants 20% permanent referral rewards. On ViaBTC, referral rewards are distributed daily at 0:30 AM (UTC). Additionally, referred users will receive a 30-day coupon with a 50% fee discount.
  1. Binance Pool
    Binance Pool offers a default 5% return rate, which cannot be adjusted. The pool distributes referral rewards between 2:00 AM and 10:00 AM (UTC) every day to the wallet of referrers.
  1. SBI Crypto
    SBI Crypto ranks 8th in BTC hashrate this week. In SBI Crypto’s commission program, referrers receive 20% of the service fees paid by referred users, and the rewards are distributed to the address they provided the following month.
  2. BTC.com
    BTC.com is currently ranked 10th in terms of BTC hashrate. On this pool, referrers can earn a portion of the pool’s transaction fee revenue as their reward. However, BTC.com employs a different commission algorithm compared to other platforms. Instead of a fee percentage, they offer a 0.2% return based on the PPS earnings of the referred miners. At the same time, referred miners enjoy a 5% discount on the pool’s mining fees. Right now, BTC.com’s referral program only supports Bitcoin.

From the table above, it’s clear that ViaBTC Pool holds an edge in all aspects. Of the four institutions, it has the longest history and consistently ranks as one of the top five pools by BTC hashrate. Moreover, ViaBTC Pool continues to beat the industry in terms of LTC hashrate. When it comes to the number of cryptos covered, this pool offers much more choices to referrers and miners, way ahead of the other three counterparts. Most importantly, ViaBTC’s Ambassador Program features the highest commission ratio and daily settlements, making it a great choice for KOLs seeking to recruit new users for the platform.

In summary, ViaBTC Pool is the frontrunner in terms of hashrate stability, coin coverage, commission ratios, and settlement periods. In particular, the ViaBTC Ambassador Program offers appealing commission rates, making it an excellent choice for users looking to secure stable referral commissions.

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