How to use Simpleminers Bitcoin cloud mining to make $1,000 a day

  • 11 March, 2024 12:39

Bitcoin hits all-time high of $70,000. If you’re not making money from this current Bitcoin price surge, Simple Miner can help you make up for it from cloud mining.

On March 9, Bitcoin reached a new historical high price of $69,917.6 . Jad Comair, founder of digital asset investor Melanion Capital, said: This is not only an amazing price increase, but also a paradigm shift for Bitcoin. Investors allocating Bitcoin will be five to 10 times more confident today than they were a few years ago.

The author believes that although the confidence of Bitcoin investors has indeed been greatly improved after this round of price carnival, Bitcoin is still a volatile investment target and is only suitable for professional investors with strong risk resistance. Therefore, the author does not encourage investors with low risk tolerance to invest directly in Bitcoin. On the contrary, Bitcoin cloud mining with low risk and stable returns is more worthy of investment by small and medium-sized investors. For example, several of my friends have achieved excellent investment results of making $1,000 a day by investing in Simpleminers’ cloud mining contracts.

Cloud mining is a shared mining business launched by the world’s top Bitcoin miners such as Simpleminers. Investors do not need to purchase mining machines, rent space, or operate and maintain. It is a new investment method that only needs to purchase the mining power contract to share the mining rewards. Through this investment method, investors do not need to bear various costs such as mining machines, sites, energy, maintenance, labor, etc., nor do they need to worry about whether they can mine Bitcoins.

Simpleminers executives told the author that the cloud mining business can ensure that Simpleminers has a steady stream of funds to deploy computing power to increase Bitcoin output. Investors can avoid the risk of asset fluctuations caused by directly holding Bitcoin, and they can also avoid the unpredictability of output faced by their own investment in mining. This is a great win-win project for everyone.

According to the author’s Simpleminers investor friends, you can earn at least 4 types of income by investing in Simpleminers’ computing power contract:

  1. Registration bonus: Download and register a Simpleminers account to get a US$10 registration bonus;
  2. Daily income: Purchase a computing power contract and obtain the daily income from the contract (daily income rate up to 3%);
  3. Additional bonuses: If the value of Bitcoin increases, you can also receive additional rewards during the contract period;
  4. Invitation income: By inviting friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can get a reward of 3% of the friend’s investment. If your friend invites his friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can also get a reward of 1% of their investment.

It is completely achievable to invest in Simpleminers and earn $1,000 every day, my friend said happily.

Before publishing this article, the author also experienced using Simpleminers. It is really simple to invest in Simpleminers cloud mining contract. You only need to complete three steps:

1: Create an account at Simpleminers. (This is super simple. You only need to click on the official website to register, fill in your email address, login account, login password, etc. in the form to complete the registration.) You can also get 10 US dollars in experience funds when you create an account, which is very considerate.

2: Select the contract that suits your purchase and purchase it. Simpleminers provides you with a variety of contracts with different “hash power” amounts. You can invest starting from $100, and the daily return rate is as high as 3%. You can choose any of them, or buy multiple different contracts or multiples of the same contract, depending on your needs.

3: Pay the required amount to the contract. Once the payment is complete, you can sit back and wait for your earnings.

In addition, Simpleminers provides 24-hour online service from a team of experts and pays out profits daily. It also provides customers with mobile APP download services to facilitate users’ contract purchase and redemption operations, ensuring the security and visibility of user funds. Simpleminers does not charge any maintenance fees except for contract fees, making it a truly low-cost, high-yield cloud mining platform.

If you are also interested in making money from Simpleminers and want to know more about Simpleminers, you can now log on to their official website: Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start earning today, and don’t forget to download the Google Play or Apple Store applications for additional rewards.

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