The biggest conference dedicated to Layer 2 solutions at EthCC!

  • 28 May, 2024 18:41

Gain insights into recent technological updates, explore in-depth case studies, and discuss practicals in Ethereum’s Layer 2 Scaling with L2con from Epic Web3.

​Web3 developers, founders, researchers, and enthusiasts are welcome!

​What to expect:

  • ​55+ speakers, including founders of Matter Labs, Celestia, Polygon, Offchain Labs, Aztec and experts from nil; Foundation, Cartesi, Avail, Halliday, Zircuit, Veridise, LimeChain and more!
  • 700+ attendees
  • Developer focused

​Topic to be covered:

  • ​ETH Rollup Interoperability;
  • ​ZK vs Optimistic;
  • ​Modularity;
  • ​Data Availability;
  • ​Shared rollups vs AppChains;
  • ​and many more!

Limited offer: enter ULTRAMINING while buying a ticket, to get a 20% discount!

📅July 9, Brussels, EthCC

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