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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Bitmain Antminer Ka3 166 Th/s Blake2s 166 Th/s 3154 W
1.47 USD 0.00012727 BTC
2 Bitmain Antminer KA3 Blake2s 166 Th/s 3154 W
1.47 USD 0.00012738 BTC

Many people wonder how profitable mining on video cards is and whether it makes sense to do it if you have a video card. You can use a unique kadena mining calculator to understand how profitable this activity is. Using a kda mining calculator will help you understand the benefits. The profitability calculator for mining on a video card will help you calculate the return on investment.

What is a KDA coin?

The Kadena Token (KDA) is a digital currency that analyzes the Kadena public chain. Equivalent to ETH in Ethereum, KDA in Kadena is a token through which miners are compensated for mining blocks on the network. It also contains a trade fee that users pay to have their transactions included in a block.

How to Use KDA Mining Calculator

At the first stage, you need to enter basic data. Data is recorded to calculate the payback of the video card. This could be the number of slots in the PC, the power of the video card, or the price. The second line, on the left, indicates the computer's power. Then, you need to click on the "Calculate" button. To calculate income from a video card, you need to perform several operations:

  • determine the number of coins that will be mined during the month;
  • calculate the cost of one video card in rubles;
  • divide the resulting result by the number of video cards. Next, calculate the profit from one or another mining option;
  • after that, you need to add the cost of electricity.

At the final stage, multiply the resulting amount by the payback indicator indicated above. After the user enters all the basic data, the calculator will display the income from one video card per month. This KDA profitability calculator will allow you to determine whether it is profitable to mine this particular type of currency.


This tool allows users to determine the profitability of any type of cryptocurrency independently. This makes it possible to find the optimal solution to obtain maximum income. In addition, the calculator will make it possible to compare the profitability of different mining types.

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