Antminer S21 XP Hydro 473 Th/s

Antminer S21 XP Hydro 473 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 473 Th/s
  • Energy
    5676 W
Profitability calculation Antminer S21 XP Hydro 473 Th/s
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Efficient hydro cooling and impressive energy efficiency are implemented in the new model – Bitmain Antminer S21 XP Hydro. The manufacturer unveiled the ASIC at the WDMS exhibition held in Las Vegas. Its innovative design, SHA-256 algorithm mining, and high hash rate make the equipment an attractive investment.

Bitmain Antminer S21 XP Hydro Specifications

Unlike the earlier S1 miner with an air cooling system, the S21 XP model uses more efficient water cooling. This has reduced the ASIC's energy efficiency to 12J/Th. The external and internal cooling systems are separated but have identical injection. Only clean water should be used for internal cooling.

The miner’s computational speed is 473Th/s, setting new industry records. The noise level of the device is up to 50 dB. The miner is protected against corrosion, dust, and moisture. It consumes 5676 W and operates at temperatures from +5 to +45°C and humidity levels of 5-95%.

Profitability of Bitmain Antminer S21 XP Hydro

The Antminer S21 XP Hydro is designed for mining Bitcoin and other currencies mined on the SHA-256 algorithm, such as XEC, LCC, PPC, BCH, DGB, and others. Considering that Bitcoin mining will be relevant until 2140, the ASIC is bound to be profitable.

It's challenging to specify the exact profitability of the Antminer S21 XP Hydro, as this is a variable figure. It depends on fluctuations in the mined cryptocurrency's exchange rate, Bitcoin halving, news related to the coin, mining difficulty, electricity tariffs, and rental fees for hosting the equipment if there is no personal space.

Antminer S21 XP Hydro Calculator

You can get the most accurate profitability figures for the Antminer S21 XP Hydro manually using special formulas or with the help of online calculators. The latter method is more informative, much more precise, faster, and takes into account the current situation in the crypto market, using analytical data and many factors that are impossible to consider manually.

Using computational programs helps to quickly forecast the miner's expected profitability over different time intervals – day/week/month/year. However, the results are based on parameters relevant at the time of calculation, and the figure may vary in either direction.

Power Consumption of Bitmain Antminer S21 XP Hydro

With a power consumption of 5676 W, the ASIC's energy efficiency is 12 J/T. Combined with its high hash rate, this indicates the miner's investment potential and profitability, especially with low electricity rates or power supply from solar panels.

You can order the Antminer S21 XP Hydro 473T from our store. We also accept orders for other new ASIC models from the Bitmain brand. All equipment comes with a warranty, but if modifications are made to the cooling system, the warranty will be void. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple miners.

Hashrate: 473Th/s;

Energy Efficiency: 12J/Th;

Energy Consumption: 5676W;

Cryptocurrency: BTC, XEC, LCC, PPC, BCH, DGB;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Noise level: 50 dB;

Cooling system type: water;

Dimensions: 400 x 195.5 x 290 mm;

Temperature range: +5 to +45°C;

Humidity: 5-95%;

Weight: 14.2kg.

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