DG1 14 Gh/s

DG1 14 Gh/s

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm Scrypt
  • Hashrate 14 Gh/s
  • Energy
    3780 W
Profitability calculation DG1 14 Gh/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Miners who want to join the profitable cryptocurrency mining industry have a new opportunity – the high-performance Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s model. These mining machines are the most advanced today for finding Doge and Litecoin blocks. The ASICs show high productivity with low consumption and a hash rate of 14 Gh/s.

Specifications of Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s

The ASIC belongs to the premium-class models and has become the leader among the manufacturer's equipment. Compared to the same model with an 11 Gh/s hash rate, its energy efficiency has increased by 12% to 270 J/Gh. The Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s operates on the latest chips from a leading manufacturer. They are ultra-reliable and provide the ASIC with the best performance and a hash rate of up to 14 GHz/s.

The average noise level of the Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s is 75 dB. During operation, the miner generates heat, so it is not suitable for home use without a room with thermal and noise isolation or an immersion cooling tank. The Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s incorporates advanced thermal regulation solutions, represented by the device's air cooling type with powerful fans. This contributes to the stable and long-lasting operation of the ASIC.

Profitability of Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s

The Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s is designed to perform high-tech operations for mining Doge and Litecoin cryptocurrencies, where maximum efficiency and productivity are prioritized. The miner operates on the Scrypt algorithm, which is resistant to mining through specialized ASIC devices and also encourages mining through GPU CPU.

The use of the Scrypt algorithm limits the advantage of large mining operations and opens access to profitable mining for ordinary users. The profitability of the Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s depends on the cost of the ASIC at purchase, maintenance costs, electricity prices, block rewards, and rent for miner placement.

Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s Calculator

You can roughly calculate the profitability of the Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s by using special mathematical formulas or a profitability calculator. The first method is time-consuming, requires the use of analytical information, and cannot cover the full range of parameters available with specialized calculation programs.

Calculators show results that are as close to real as possible. They provide results of the estimated profitability at the time of calculation, but it can have deviations in both directions under different parameters. The program will show the profit amount from the miner's operation over specific time intervals. This information will help the buyer decide whether it is profitable to invest in the model.

Consumption of Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s

The Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s has a low energy consumption of 3780 W, which is the lowest figure among all existing ASICs of this brand. The manufacturer Elphapex positions the model as an effective tool for achieving great success in cryptocurrency mining.

If you need an ASIC for expanding a mining farm or solo ventures in the cryptocurrency mining industry, the innovative Elphapex DG1 14 Gh/s model is suitable for these tasks. Our company offers favorable conditions for buyers and fulfillment of warranty obligations.

Hashrate: 14 Gh/s;

Energy Efficiency: 270 J/Gh;

Energy Consumption: 3780 W;

Cryptocurrency: Doge and Litecoin;

Algorithm: Scrypt;

Noise level: 75 dB;

Cooling system type: air cooling;

Dimensions: 196 x 287 x 369 mm;

Temperature range: +5 to +45°C;

Weight: 16.1kg.

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