Block Reward - what is it?

Block Reward is payment to miners for work performed.

Technically, the Bitcoin digital system is a combination of blockchains that are formed from blocks. The time it takes to find each new block directly depends on the difficulty level, which increases regularly, as well as on the computing power of the miner's equipment. The miner receives a reward when a new block is found due to complex computational actions. It is fixed at each halving stage in each individual ecosystem. In the Bitcoin system, halving an increase in the difficulty of mining blocks occurs on average once every four years or upon reaching 210 thousand blocks. At the same time, the cost of the digital coin increases, and the miner's reward decreases by two times. Due to this correlation, it is possible to ensure a high level of profitability for miners and increase the profitability of mining.

The reward is paid in the selected cryptocurrency, which is mined. It consists of the actual payment (subsidy) and transaction fees.