Zero Confirmation Transaction - what is it?

A Zero Confirmation Transaction is a payment that has already been created by a participant in the cryptocurrency system but has yet to be verified by miners and confirmed as authentic. This phenomenon is otherwise referred to as Zero Confirmation Transaction or unconfirmed transaction.

A delay in payment verification is normal, given the fact that according to the rules of a decentralized financial system, any transaction must be approved by miners. They process the user-transmitted transaction manually. Confirmation throughput varies depending on the type of system, but in Bitcoin, it is as low as 7 transactions per second. Therefore, a delay of 2-3 hours is not the norm. The user needs to wait.

How can I speed up a transaction?

One of the reasons why a payment remains in the unconfirmed status is the low validation fee when the network is busy. Suppose there is a surge in user activity in the cryptocurrency community on the market. In that case, it makes sense to immediately foresee that the number of transactions on the network will increase. Accordingly, miners will first process those payments for which they will receive a greater reward.

If a user increases the commission when confirmation does not occur for a long time, such a transaction receives priority. The chances that the validation process will be completed faster increase significantly.