Mining glossary
Nonce - what is it?

Nonce is a concept associated with the cryptocurrency system, an exclusively digital technology operating according to specified unique algorithms. The Nonce is a unique number that fulfills its purpose in cryptography and blockchain. In other words, a Nonce is a 4-byte number that is added to a block (already encrypted or hashed). When recalculation is performed, the number must meet the specified complexity requirements the blockchain network provides.

Nonce is exactly the number that miners need to solve (calculate) to receive a new unique block and a reward for it.

Appointment Nonce

It is this number that determines the security of the entire blockchain system. The ability to generate and confirm large encrypted numbers also called a hash, depends on it.

The increase in security is because each new block in the blockchain includes information about the previous block. This data is hashed in a specific sequence of numbers. Based on this sequence, block headers are formed. And it, in turn, contains various metadata, including the obligatory Nonce.

Also, it is through Nonce that the difficulty level that is relevant for a specific period of time is maintained, which directly affects the speed of cryptocurrency mining, its value, and the level of miners' profitability.