Bitcoin Client - what is it, why is it needed?

Bitcoin Client is a special software designed to use cryptocurrency. Formally, this requires a particular account and a digital wallet where the coins will be stored. This is precisely the function that the Bitcoin Client performs. It is the basis of the entire network. The Bitcoin client is the official community tool created by the leading developers of the protocols. Unlike other versions presented by third-party developers, this crypto wallet is the thickest, capable of containing the entire history of the blockchain without the involvement of third-party services. However, with wide functionality, the resource demand due to high load is also serious.

Features of Bitcoin Client

The implementation of such software is possible on devices with different operating systems. To date, separate versions are proposed for:

  • Windows;
  • Linux;
  • Mac OS.

The interface is presented in several languages, simplifying the use of the Bitcoin Client by system participants from different countries. In principle, you can install it on absolutely any laptop or PC if the hardware resources of the equipment are sufficient for this. You can also use the web version in cloud storage.

In theory, even installation on mobile gadgets is possible. Still, in practice, the internal resources of only a few devices are sufficient for them to cope with loads easily after full integration.

Benefits of using a crypto wallet Bitcoin Client

If we briefly outline all the advantages that the user receives from using this particular software, they add up to the following points:

  • absolute control over all digital funds - in theory, a third party will not be able to use account data or freeze it, however, provided that the client himself responsibly complies with all measures to ensure the security of personal data;
  • full scope of verification - verification of payments when using Bitcoin Client does not depend on the participation of third parties; due to full nodes, the highest level of security is ensured;
  • transparency - the fixed procedure for creating open source applications eliminates the problem of auditing the transaction history of users;
  • increased level of confidentiality - surveillance of payment history and balances through the Bitcoin Client by third parties is virtually completely excluded, including due to the principle of rotation of used addresses; in addition, information about payments is not transmitted to other network nodes.

If necessary, you can set up payments through a proxy. Most often, Tor is used as a practical tool, eliminating the risks of calculating the IP address of sending or receiving a payment.

Essential nuances of using Bitcoin Client

However, it is worth considering that the volume of the blockchain is regularly growing, and accordingly, the hardware requirements for installing such a crypto wallet are also increasing. The software takes up a lot of PC computing resources. Particular difficulties may arise at the stage of initial data synchronization since, in this process, the complete history of blockchain data is loaded and processed. If the processor is weak, this stage can last several days.