Batching - what is it?

Batching is a way of scaling a decentralized network that speeds up transactions.

As the cryptocurrency market develops and new digital coins and tokens are constantly introduced, it is natural that the number of users and the transactions they conduct increase. This often leads to network congestion, which results in delayed payments or increased costs. An effective solution is Batching.

Features of the technology

The main essence of batching is that it simplifies the technology of mass payments. The user, to have confidence in the result, uses the batch processing method, in which:

  • the volume of processed data and the load on the system are reduced;
  • the transfer fee is reduced since the system perceives the payment as a whole, not individual transactions.

Technically, this practice can be represented as a payment in which there is one starting point and several exit points, that is, the actual distribution of funds.

That is, batching is an effective tool that provides several advantages to the user and allows you to eliminate some problems that cannot be eliminated in other ways.