Shitcoin - what is it?

Shitcoin are unpromising tokens and crypto coins that have a very low cost. Initially, this term was used as slang by participants in the Bitcoin network. Maximalists who exclusively prefer this type of digital currency do not see any value in any other assets. Today this concept is broader. According to generally accepted practice, Shitcoin refers to all digital currencies that are not included in the TOP 100.

Basic conditions for defining Shitcoin

Buying Shitcoin inevitably leads to losing your money. Therefore, you initially need to analyze the project and clarify its value, taking into account the following factors:

  • liquidity;
  • trade volume;
  • frequency of source code changes;
  • exchanges that use the asset as a trading tool;
  • price.

Shitcoin, as a rule, has no practical or technological value; the authors of the project are dubious individuals. Most often, Shitcoin is issued by scammers; the value of the cryptocurrency is equivalent to less than $0.01. The capitalization of the project is insignificant. In this case, the expectation is that unsuspecting users will invest in the project, expecting solid profits in the future. A price increase is only possible due to hype and mass popularization, which eventually comes to naught anyway; Shitcoin owners lose their money.