What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a special data encryption code used in various activity fields. A QR code is light in weight and size, yet it can contain a lot of data. When scanning such a code, the user receives instant access to encrypted information.

All the benefits of using QR Code

In the context of cryptocurrency systems, where this encryption method is also used, in particular, to confirm transactions and create addresses in cryptocurrency wallets, this technology provides the following advantages:

  • high efficiency - data exchange between different addresses is carried out more quickly, eliminating the risk of errors;
  • security - data encrypted using a cryptographic method is securely stored and ensures user confidentiality;
  • universality - such codes can be used on different platforms and services, regardless of their architecture and purpose;

Simplification of transactions - Payment validation is usually faster when using a QR Code.

QR Code Generation

To create your own unique QR code, you must:

  • select the type of code for payment in cryptocurrency;
  • set details;
  • choose the appearance of the QR code, taking into account your individual style if it is created for a company or community.

QR Code is a comprehensive tool through which you can solve many problems related to cryptocurrency assets. If desired, you can configure the code for unlimited scans, adapt and change the information inside, and provide easy access for partners and clients to interact.