Initial Block Download (IBD) - what is it?

Initial Block Download (IBD) is the process of creating this blockchain chain from scratch.

The cryptocurrency financial system has a unique structure based on a blockchain system consisting of a block chain. This process is called IBD. The essence of the sequence of actions is that when setting up a new node and integrating it into the network, a connection is made to other nodes. At this point, blocks are requested from these nodes.

The block data the new node receives is processed, and the blockchain is built until synchronization with the network occurs.

Even though blocks are requested from separate nodes, the process of initially loading blocks does not require trust because the node verifies the data in parallel. The process usually takes several days, sometimes weeks. It all depends on the characteristics of the specific computer equipment and the bandwidth properties of the Internet network used.

During the IBD startup process, a node initially processes all block headers collected from other nodes. After this, a request is made for each complete block. In this way, it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency and speed up the process of its availability to users.