Operations Security (OPSEC) - what is it?

Operations Security (OPSEC) is an acronym that denotes a specific algorithm of actions to maintain a given level of security.

In any electronic system, it is important to ensure the security of data storage and use and to prevent unauthorized use and theft. One of the processes that exists today as a security tool is OPSEC. It is used not only in cryptocurrency but also in other areas with electronic databases.

OPSEC milestones

To prevent leakage of classified information and valuable data, a certain sequence of actions is followed:

  • designation of critical data - a clear list of data is compiled that could potentially be of interest to attackers and lead to system failure or theft of unique, valuable information;
  • analytics of the risk and threat landscape - narrow specialists make forecasts regarding who may potentially be interested in the information;
  • analysis of vulnerable components - an expert assessment is carried out to identify potential technical weaknesses in the digital system, which could trigger a data leak;
  • analytics regarding the probability of exploiting weaknesses - at this stage, all threats and dangers are ranked by degree of danger.

At the final stage, solutions are developed, countermeasures are created, and they can change dynamically as the system is technically modernized.