Recovery Seed Phrase - what is it?

The recovery seed is the only data backup method used in cryptocurrency wallets. Other names for Recovery Seed Phrase are seed phrase and mnemonic phrase.

When creating any cryptocurrency wallet, the user is given a private key, and on its basis, public keys are generated (that is, the wallet addresses that it shares with users). Considering that all cryptocurrency systems are decentralized, only the user is responsible for the secure storage and management of his assets. A private key is designed to ensure confidentiality and high access protection. Whoever owns it can use cryptocurrency from the account.

Why do you need a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is a special tool that can restore access to your crypto wallet, which was lost for one reason or another. Access restoration is often required in the event of mechanical damage to the hardware wallet or theft of the private key.

If you technically understand what a Recovery Seed Phrase is, this special digital element is an encrypted phrase of 12 or 24 words. However, the words are not presented in a format that is commonly read. They are encrypted in the form of a very long numerical combination, which is generated by the entropy method.

Seed phrase security

The security of this encryption method is maintained until the generation is performed randomly, and its size is 128 bits. Neither a computer nor a person can hack this master key, the only tool for restoring access to a crypto wallet.

To ensure the proper level of security, Recovery Seed Phrase should not be stored online or on any digital device where there is a potential risk of data theft. The loss of such a master key means the loss of all cryptocurrency assets.