What is Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Core is the most effective and reliable tool in the Bitcoin system, which is part of the full version of Bitcoin Client.

The use of digital money, which has no other expression other than an electronic format, requires the use of special software. Only through such software is it possible to conduct transactions with crypto, store digital coins, and engage in trading or mining for profit.

Features of Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Client, like Bitcoin Core, is an official product from the leading developers of the system. It is the basis of the entire network, where mutual payments between users are assumed.

The database, downloaded during the initial installation, includes the entire history of the blockchain, which is worth considering from the point of view of the advisability of spending computing power on a particular PC or laptop. Moreover, the initial characteristics of the equipment must meet current requirements since the weight of the blockchain regularly increases due to the increase in the number of transactions carried out every minute.

Technical interface

Bitcoin Core is universal software that can be integrated into equipment with entirely different operating systems. Currently, there is support for:

  • Linux;
  • Windows;
  • Mac OS.

To simplify the use of Bitcoin Core, automatic translation into dozens of languages is provided, which is quite correct.

If your PC needs to be more robust to install the full version of Bitcoin Client, it is possible to use it in a cloud format, but the level of security in this case will be slightly lower. Therefore, using TOR to prevent data leakage via IP makes sense.

Bitcoin Core - main advantages

Using the official version of the crypto wallet from the Bitcoin network developers is advisable for the following reasons:

  • 100% control over all funds stored in the wallet and transactions with them;
  • ease of audit due to open-source code;
  • high level of data confidentiality.

Bitcoin Core uses the principle of Bitcoin address rotation; a new combination of symbols is formed in each transaction. To eliminate the potential risks of data theft, it is worth remembering that each user must pay due attention to security measures.