Virgin Bitcoin - what is it?

Virgin Bitcoin is a pure coin that has been mined but never used in any transaction.

Even though any cryptocurrency system operates based on decentralization, complete anonymity, and confidentiality of each participant, due to the open-source code, it is possible to track the path of any coin. Sometimes, some owners are calculated through this. Especially if crypto coins were used on the black market on the darknet, were involved in laundering fiat money, or were sponsored terrorism. As a result, users who receive such coins are automatically subject to verification and may have certain problems. With pure coins - Virgin Bitcoin - this situation is completely excluded. Therefore, the demand for them is increased. Some system participants are ready to purchase such assets at a price 10-30% higher than the current market average. Such coins are particularly interesting to large investors and traders who are owners of large-scale companies and are sensitive to their reputation.

Virgin Bitcoin problems

Clean coins are often used by holders, who purchase an asset not for frequent use but solely for storage and receiving final profit due to the growth in the value of the crypt. When many such coins hang on the crypto-wallets of community members, the system destabilizesstem because it directly contradicts the basic principles of the ecosystem.

A solution to the problem has been found. Today, a proven practice of cleaning coins is already offered through reliable mixers. It involves resetting the history after a complex check. For such work, coin owners will have to pay about 4-5% above the asset's value, but in the end, it is still cheaper than buying a completely pure Virgin Bitcoin coin.