Mining glossary
ASIC - what is it?

ASIC - integrated circuits that are used to complete mining equipment.

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most promising areas for making money today. To organize such activities, specific equipment is required. ASIC initially appeared as an alternative to the usual GPUs. Such special equipment is used exclusively for mining. ASIC is not used for games or other tasks in the digital space.

Specifics of using ASIC

ASIC is equipment not integrated into a desktop computer but a separate system. Simply put, it is a dedicated graphics card with very high power potential.

The main feature of such equipment is that it can be used for mining with various algorithms; among the most popular are:

  • Sha-256;
  • Ethash;
  • CryptoNight;
  • Scrypt;
  • X11;
  • Blake (2b);
  • Equihash.

Moreover, only one algorithm is used on one ASIC; the manufacturer rarely allows mining through one set of ASIC using 2 algorithms.

Types of ASICs

Miners highly rate such equipment. Therefore, the variety on the market is already colossal. Each model has its own characteristics, the most significant of which are the following:

  • hash rate;
  • algorithm type;
  • design and efficiency of the cooling system.

The amount of computing power and mining speed directly depends on the hash rate. Therefore, each new model from different manufacturers receives increasing power values.

Depending on the chosen mining strategy, you can buy ASIC for absolutely any algorithm. They support virtually all the most popular and not-so-popular formats.

Since using ASICs consumes a lot of energy and places heavy loads on the equipment due to high power, the cooling system is important. The better the equipment and assembly, the more efficient and productive the mining and, accordingly, the higher the profitability.

As for manufacturers, the choice is also quite wide. However, predominantly TOP companies produce in China. The cost range of such equipment is extensive - from 1000 to 15 thousand US dollars per integrated circuit.

Main advantages

How advisable it is to use ASIC for mining is no longer a matter of debate. Their advantages are fully appreciated:

  • a noticeable increase in miner profitability;
  • high power;
  • compact dimensions;
  • the ability to mine absolutely any cryptocurrency.

That is, ASIC is an easy-to-place and efficient mining equipment, which today is the most successful solution when assembling a system for cryptocurrency mining.