# SHA-256 Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last
Last Found
  • SOLO 1 %
  • PPLNS 2 %
  • PPS+ 4 %
349.54 Ph/s 14
1 hour
  • FPPS
21.12 Ph/s - 855552
1 day
  • FPPS 4 %
  • PPLNS 0 %
155.00 Ph/s 5 855771
5 hours
  • PPLNS 0.5 %
  • FPPS 1 %
3.89 Ph/s - 850921
1 month 5 days
  • PPS 3 %
98.82 Ph/s - 855785
4 hours
  • PPS
23.48 Ph/s 2
4 hours
7 - - - -
  • PPS+ 1 %
70.47 Ph/s - -
  • FPPS
8.37 Ph/s - -
  • FPPS
59.13 Ph/s - -
11 - 7.96 Ph/s 1
14 hours
  • FPPS
38.81 Ph/s 3
4 hours
  • PPS
- - -
14 - - - -
  • SOLO 1.99 %
  • PPLNS 1.99 %
  • FPPS 3.99 %
12.67 Ph/s 1
11 hours
  • PROP 1 %
- - -
  • SOLO
- 10 855798
1 hour
18 - - - -

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the classic Bitcoin, formed by splitting one cryptocurrency into two. This happened because some in the Bitcoin community disagreed with the adoption of the Segwit2x protocol, which involves increasing the block size by two times and storing part of the data outside the blockchain. In this article we will talk about about the BCH mining pool amd crypto itself.

General Information: Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the most popular alternative cryptocurrencies. It was created in 2017 after the Bitcoin network split.

A block in Bitcoin Cash is currently eight times larger than the main Bitcoin block. In addition, a forked currency gives users protection from replay and erasure and greater flexibility. For example, if there is a sharp drop in hashrate on the network, the difficulty of confirming work will also be automatically reduced.

The main goal of creating Bitcoin Cash is to return the basic qualities of money inherent in the original Bitcoin program. Over the years, these qualities have been filtered out of Bitcoin Core, and progress has been held back by various people, organizations, and companies involved in developing the Bitcoin protocol. As a result, Bitcoin Core is currently unsuitable for use as money due to increasingly high transaction fees and hours-long transfers. This all happens due to Bitcoin Core's 1MB block size limit, which means it can't accept a large number of transactions.

Calculating BCH Mining Profit

Considering all costs, a Bitcoin cash mining calculator is needed to calculate the profitability and payback of mining. Use this form to calculate the profitability and payback of Bitcoin Cash mining, considering the cost of purchasing equipment, network complexity, electricity, and all commissions.

The approximate income from bitcoin cash mining is based on calculations using automatic variable values ​​(for example, the complexity of the network at present; these values ​​are always relevant because they are updated in the calculator in real time) and those values ​​​​that you specify (for example, the cost and power of your equipment). To make the calculation on BCH minig calculator, you just need to fill in the missing fields and click on the "Calculate" button.

How to Mine Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Mining Bitcoin cache has much in common with mining regular Bitcoin since it is based on the same algorithm, SHA-256.

The special EDA architecture adjusts this coin's mining difficulty according to the situation, raising or lowering it so that mining remains profitable.

Cash operates on the same algorithm as Bitcoin and is generally a related coin, so it can also be mined using ASICs. Ordinary computers are completely unsuitable for this since their performance is lower by orders of magnitude.

The software is included with the devices, so you don't have to look for it yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions to connect and configure the ASIC.

Top 5 Bitcoin Cash Pools

Here is the Bitcoin Cash mining pool list:

  1. Bitman not only develops and sells ASIC miners but also owns two of the largest Bitcoin Cash mining pools. One of them is called BTC.pool. BCH pool is a mining platform that allows you to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, including in automatic mode. The tariff plan can be paid for 1, 6, and 12 months. The work uses a data center located in North America. The company'scompany's service allows you to track trading operations using a mobile application. Bitcoin.com provides bitcoin purchase/sale, wallet, and mining services.
  2. Antpool is the second largest Bitcoin Cash mining pool, occupying more than 20% of the market and having a total hash rate of over 73 EH/s. Thanks to the service's high performance, miners receive significant profits, which are calculated using two systems: PPLNS and FPPS.
    Perhaps the main feature of Antpool that attracts miners to the platform is the absence of a service fee for mining when choosing the PPLNS payment scheme. However, if the user chooses to receive rewards using the FPPS method, the commission for Bitcoin Cash pool services will immediately increase to 4%.
  3. Another representative of the most powerful Bitcoin Cash mining pool is the ViaBTC service. With a total hash rate exceeding 27 EH/s, it controls about 7% of the Bitcoin network's computing power.
    The service supports the solo mining function and distributes rewards across the PPS+ and PPLNS systems, the choice of which determines the size of the commission fee. Solo miners pay 1% of their income for ViaBTC services. When using the PPLNS system, the commission is fixed at 2%, while switching to PPS+ will entail an increase in the service fee to 4%.
  4. F2Pool is one of the largest Bitcoin Cash mining pools operating in China. It is popularly known as the Discus Fish mining pool and mines Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash, in addition to all its Bitcoin mining activities.
    Miners will face difficulty levels based on hash power since the site uses the stratum mining protocol and vardiff. The site has a user-friendly interface and is relatively easy to use.
    Regarding fees, it works with the PPS payment system and charges 4% above average. Payments are made daily with a set withdrawal limit.
    F2Pool is very secure and runs on HTTPS protocols. It also has a wallet lock feature that prevents miners from changing their email addresses after registration. However, the site does not have two-factor authentication.
  5. Nicehash is a reliable mining platform. Its simple, intuitive interface allows even a beginner to start mining. The project has been running since 2014.
    Mining on the platform is available for various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
    Mining on Nicehash involves selling your equipment's computing power to other market participants. The platform user earns money not from direct cryptocurrency mining but by providing miners with resources.
    To earn money using Nicehash on your equipment, you must create an account on the platform.


Experts have different views on the cache's fate, especially after the successful update of the Bitcoin blockchain, which significantly improved its operation.

Another important point is the attractiveness of mining. So far, only a few large Bitcoin Cash mining pools are engaged in it, and it is slightly less profitable than Bitcoin mining, but the difference is small. Suppose the cache manages to surpass the original Bitcoin in terms of profitability and attracts the massive attention of miners. In that case, this will also contribute to the rapid growth of the network. Before choosing the right Bitcoin Cash mining pool consider all the benefits and risks. 

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