Bitcoin Mining Pools 2024

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  • 21:59 Jan 06, 2024
Bitcoin Mining Pools 2024

Want to earn from Bitcoin mining? Let's consider the best pools for this in 2024. Only proven, reliable, and high-speed platforms!

Which pools to choose for Bitcoin mining in 2024?

There are many pools for Bitcoin mining – with different hash rates, fees, minimum payments, and payment methods. To avoid confusion, only pools based on the SHA-256 mining algorithm will be listed.

So, here are the best pools to work with in 2024 for all Bitcoin miners:

  • Slush Pool;
  • Binance Pools;
  • F2Pool;
  • Bitfury;
  • AntPool;
  • Genesis Mining;

Some are suitable only for Bitcoin mining, while others can be used for mining other cryptocurrencies; the choice is yours.

What is Slush Pool for Bitcoin?

Slush is a pool that allows you to join the mining of cryptocurrencies like BTC and Zcash. These two currencies are based on completely different algorithms, so they are currently mined using entirely different equipment. Be sure to consider this before starting mining.

For Bitcoin mining, you will need a specialized miner, such as Antminer. It operates automatically, so you only need to register on the pool, download the necessary software, and start mining coins.

Apart from ease of use, the pool can boast:

  • Perfect for inexpensive ASIC miners;
  • Convenient and profitable payment system;
  • Many advanced mining process settings;
  • Low commission – 0% for Braiins OS+, around 2-2.5% otherwise;
  • Payouts starting from 0.0001 BTC;
  • Hash rate of 9.54 EH/s.

Moreover, it has a high level of optimization and a user-friendly interface. Thanks to two-factor authentication and other reliable security features to protect clients' funds and data, it is one of the most reliable Bitcoin mining systems.

Overall, Slush Pool is considered one of the best pools for Bitcoin mining in 2024. As one of the most authoritative and respected mining pools in the industry, it has been operating since 2010 and has gained significant popularity and trust among miners.

Why use Binance Pool services in 2024?

Binance Pool is a relatively new but already popular pool based on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. A great choice for those who not only mine bitcoins but also want to invest in them later.

Advantages of this pool:

  • Ability to mine multiple Bitcoin variations (BTC, BCH, BSV);
  • Fully automated process;
  • Ability to switch between algorithms;
  • Easy account creation (all instructions are provided on the Binance website);
  • Daily payouts;
  • Numerous bonuses;
  • Pool hash rate around 14.54 EH/s;
  • Payment scheme FPPS, PPS+, and PPS;
  • Pool commission is 2.5%.

In addition to standard mining earnings, you can also rent out your hash rate. From the savings received, you will earn from 4 to 30% per year.

F2Pool – Excellent Bitcoin Pool for 2024

F2Pool is one of the oldest Bitcoin pools. Thanks to this, it is currently considered the largest platform for Bitcoin mining, as well as some other cryptocurrencies.

Here are all the advantages of this industry giant:

  • Monitoring through a mobile application;
  • Quick start – only a network wallet, miner, and account are needed;
  • Hash rate of 30.60 EH/s;
  • Only 2.5% commission;
  • Pay Per Share+ payment system.

A significant plus is the issuance of free coins for mining with the pool, allowing you to earn more.

Bitfury – Powerful Bitcoin Blockchain Pool

Bitfury is the best platform for mining in data centers that you can use in 2024. The company itself is engaged in mining, and you only need to purchase a server. It is powerful, has good tools for monitoring the Bitcoin mining process, and can be used in various types of enterprises. With this pool, you can also immediately invest in cryptocurrency.

Advantages of this pool:

  • 24/7 technical support;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • No electricity costs;
  • High performance;
  • The company handles everything – you only get profit.

Bitfury Pool's flexibility and user orientation, as well as the use of advanced technologies, make it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable and customizable Bitcoin mining experience.

AntPool, a large cryptocurrency ecosystem

AntPool is a reliable pool with a low threshold. The second largest in this area, it provides its clients with a reliable and high-speed platform for Bitcoin mining.

Pool advantages:

  • Customizable payouts;
  • A variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from;
  • Low commission (0-4%);
  • High pool hash rate of 24.04 EH/s.

To start mining, you only need to register and connect the equipment, which is quite simple even for beginners.

Genesis Mining in 2024

Genesis Mining is suitable for miners who want to mine Bitcoin without special equipment in 2024. The pool operates on a cloud principle, which is very convenient and much cheaper than traditional mining.

It has many advantages:

  • Daily payouts;
  • 6 algorithms and 10 cryptocurrencies;
  • Works without commission but according to one of the tariffs;
  • Ability to mine multiple tokens with one click.

Interested? Choose your plan and start mining Bitcoin right now! – one of the best pools for Bitcoin mining in 2024

Another good choice for Bitcoin mining in 2024 is It is an interesting initiative from the manufacturer of Antminer ASICs, which work best with this pool.

What are the advantages of First of all, it includes:

  • Detailed mining statistics with graphs and tables;
  • Fast registration and start;
  • One of the best choices for beginners;
  • Smartphone app available;
  • Hash rate up to 13.630 EH/s, with a hashing speed of 161.44 EH/s;
  • One of the lowest commissions – 1.5%;
  • Payment threshold starting from 0.005 bitcoins.

Additionally, the pool supports managing multiple sub-accounts and multi-currency mining.

Choose the pool that suits you best and get ready for mining in 2024 right now.

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