F2pool Overview

  • 09:03 Apr 24, 2022
F2pool Overview

F2pool is one of the first bitcoin pools founded in 2013. It is also often referred to as the world's largest integrated mining pool. It ranks among the top pools for ethereum, bitcoin, and lightcoin mining. The founders of F2pool were the first in China to create a mining platform.

Already in 2015, F2pool accounted for a third of the bitcoin network's hash rate and became the world's largest BTC miner and still does not lose its position in the market and continues to be among the leaders in BTC, ETH, LTC mining.

- Coin support – more than 20 coins.

- Commissions: PPS+ 2%.

Advantages and features of the pool

  1. First global mining pool and the largest integrated pool.
  2. More than 20 coins are available (they are ranked in two lists: major and new).
  3. PPS+ payout system.
  4. Average pool commission – 2% (different commission for each coin).
  5. There is a rating of cryptocurrencies (POW ranking), here you can choose your favorite cryptocurrency, see its hash rate for a certain time, price, mining algorithm, etc.
  6. Advanced technology and a lot of services all over the world.

Registration on F2Pool

  • Enter a nickname, email, cell phone.
  • Type in the captcha and enter symbols.
  • Insert code from SMS (to confirm phone number).
  • Write down the password and repeat it.
  • Read the agreement, click the checkbox and register.
  • After registration, you will need to go to the specified e-mail and confirm it.

It is also recommended to set up account security by installing 2FA. To do this, click on the nickname and go to Account Settings – Security Settings – 2-Step Verification – Open.

After registering and logging into your F2Pool account, some new sections are added:

Mining settings

  1. To get started you need to download the exact miner you want.
  2. Then, attach a wallet to the coin you are going to mine (to do this, download a trusted wallet or register on the exchange).
  3. Next you need to set up bat files (to get all info about the pool, you should go to the main page, list below and see list of coins and choose what you need).
  4. In the table with all coins, we see 2 additional buttons in the rightmost column, they are the same for each coin. 

    Tutorial – description in English, types of miners for this coin and a brief description of tuning in English.
    Calc – online calculator. If you know the hash rate of your farm, enter it into "Calc" of the desired coin and the calculator will automatically calculate the profit, including in USD at the current exchange rate.
  5. Move on to the setting of the Bat file. To do this, click on the coin in the table, and then expand all the necessary information.
  6. The address and port of the pool can be obtained by clicking on the coin from the list.
  7. Save the batch file and start the miner.

F2Pool payouts

F2Pool cooperates with many major exchanges. You can use your wallet node URL or link your exchange account details to withdraw coins.

To set up payouts, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your account and click on the nickname – Account Settings – Payout Settings.
  2. Then click on the username you used when you were mining and the coin you were mining and want to withdraw, then click "Add Address".
  3. Then a window will open, where we enter the address of the digital wallet, the code from the SMS and click "Submit".
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