A list of best metaverse projects

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  • 13:41 Jun 27, 2022
A list of best metaverse projects

Last October, the American media tycoon and Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg told the world the big news. He said that he would create a meta-universe where people could move in space, rest anywhere in the world, work and buy goods.

After his speech, everyone started talking about the meta world. This doesn't just apply to the crypto industry. Different companies are planning to get their employees to work in this virtual space. For what purpose? It's probably all about:

  • Possible recruitment of new customers;
  • Advertising their products through meta universes;
  • Expanding their sphere of influence.

Top 5 Metaverse projects of 2022

Let's talk more about the most popular virtual projects.


A world where you can buy and sell virtual land and other assets by paying for everything with platform coins - SAND. You can build houses anywhere on our planet. And even on Mars. You can sell or buy something, monetizing the whole process with SAND.

You can monetize the gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox has a personal platform to create games, there is the ability to create your assets and monetize them, and you can create, publish and buy NFT.


This is where you manage your virtual property. You can create and develop your world any way you want, and explore this version of the meta-universe via phone, computer, or VR.

The project is managed with a MANA token. This is used to give access to interactive applications, to pay for goods and services or to invest in real estate.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas gives you the ability to dive into any world, create new universes and travel around the globe.

The project is controlled by the ATLAS token. It runs on the Solana metaclass universe blockchain. This token can be used to buy any items, or assets in virtual space. It is also possible to use ATLAS to purchase POLIS, the in-game currency needed to manage certain aspects of the game. For example, you may need POLIS to manage a new world.


The Enjin project allows people to create, store and sell virtual goods.

First, developers must assign a value to their virtual goods by locking the ENJ (meta-universe token) into a smart contract. Players will then be able to sell or use the virtual goods according to the terms of the contract. After the sale, the seller receives the ENJ.

Enjin offers a unique marketplace that can help users and businesses expand their markets with NFT and QR codes, as well as communicate with other users, and marketers through websites, apps and games. The network runs on a decentralized Ethereum blockchain.


WEMIX is a blockchain platform designed for gaming, creating new NFTs and trading them. It is also possible to exchange WEMIX tokens with other users.

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