EMCD mining pool overview

  • 11:04 Apr 15, 2022
EMCD mining pool overview

EMCD POOL is part of EMCD Tech, one of the largest software companies for the mining and circulation of digital assets. The company's products are emcd pool mining and ASIC. Care mining equipment monitoring and management service, Firmswares firmware, Farms data center, E-Service asic repair and diagnostics.

EMCD Tech has representative offices in Hong Kong and Moscow. The company also develops its software in the field of digital technology.

EMCD Mining Pool

EMCD is a multi-currency mining pool for sha 256, scrypt, ethash, x11 mining algorithms.

The pool supports 7 coins for mining: BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, dash, eth, etc.

The pool has the largest community and support in Russia.

Advantages of the pool:

  1. Daily payments, no minimum entry threshold (you can also specify the minimum payment threshold in the settings).
  2. Simple and understandable interface. Right on the website, you can monitor your equipment without downloading unnecessary files.
  3. High profits thanks to basic bust and switching algorithm.
  4. Day-and-night support around the world.

Registration in the pool

  1. Go to the main site (15% discount on commissions) and click on the tab "mining".
  2. Register (enter username, e-mail and password).
  3. Study the terms of use of the pool and check the box.
  4. After the registration, you need to go to the tab "connections".
  5. Enter the settings for your miner and start it.
  6. Bind the wallet. To do this, go to the settings and click on the tab "payments" and enter your wallet for the withdrawal of funds.

Description of the interface and functionality of the pool

After you have registered and confirmed your email, you will receive a personal account of the pool:

You will see EMCD Tech products on the right and the personal account menu on the left:

  • Account. Here you can create new Workers.
  • Statistics. Here you can track your balance, power, income per day or month, etc.
  • Workers. Here you find all the information you need on your Workers.
  • Referral program. According to the referral program you can also attract clients and receive income from them, which will also be displayed in your cabinet.
  • Connections - connections to the pool.
  • Pool settings. Here you can find all the necessary settings for you on the mining pools and your account.

Under "settings" you can:

change your password, set up payouts, mail notifications, time zone, and configure 2fa.

Connecting and configuring the miner

1. Choose the coins you want to mine.

2. Configure the Bat file. To do this you just need to go to the tab "connection", where you will open a window with all the settings:

3. Next, choose the location of the server closest to you.

4. Then configure the Bat file itself:

In the line "-pool" enter the address and port of the pool

At the "-real" line enter the "Worker:" vorker

5. Then start the edited file (in 10-15 minutes you will see the statistics on the worker). Then you will see the following information:

6. In statistics we see the following information:

Withdrawing funds

  1. Go to the pool settings.
  2. In the line "payments" you enter the address of your purse, which will be used to withdraw funds.

  3. 3. In the line "minimum payment" you specify the threshold for sending the minimum amount of funds.
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