Antpool Pool Review

  • 18:29 Feb 15, 2023
Antpool Pool Review

What is Antpool?

Antpool is Bitmain’s subsidiary, a well-known global manufacturer of equipment. Having started bitcoin mining in 2014, Antpool continued its development and quickly became one of the top most demanded cryptocurrency mining pools.

Today, the process of development and improvement continues, so customers get a wide range of tools and innovative solutions to increase the profitability of their business. So take a look closely at what is Antpool.

How does Antpool work?

Now 20% of the market belongs to Antpool, and others who have more modest shares pay attention to its innovations and strive to implement them at their sites. In particular, Antpool cloud mining was among the first to be launched here, which makes it much easier to enter the field of cryptocurrency mining, at the same time-solving issues with finding and equipping premises for work. It is also important to note that Antpool solo mining became the starting point: this is where this popular trend emerged to this day.

However, there is an important negative point noted by many users - not all information is presented in Russian, so this can cause a number of difficulties. In addition, there are some differences in the usual registration procedure, which, according to the miners, is different from the usual scheme.

Nevertheless, for those who were able to understand and set up the processes - it is a technological and comfortable platform, which provides everything you need to work.

What coins can be mined?

It's not hard to guess that a major market player like btc is not the only coin available. Today, users can mine 15 types of cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETC
  • LTC
  • ZEC
  • DASH
  • HNS
  • KDA
  • ETHW
  • DCR
  • DCRN
  • DGB_SHA256D
  • CKB
  • RVN

The pool has taken care to provide users with the most popular tokens, but their number is also constantly growing depending on market demands, for example, Antpool rvn. 


On the site, Antpool mining supports the usual schemes for the payment of rewards: PPS, PPS+, FPPS, and PPLNS. Antpool payouts of earned funds are made every day. However, it will require three times confirmations of the block found.

In order to receive funds you need to enter the address of your BTC wallet. Specialists recommend turning to exchanges in this case, because it is easier to make transactions for the exchange of fiat money and cryptocurrencies there.

To withdraw coins obtained with Antpool miner, you should:

  1. Authorize in your personal cabinet
  2. Click on the tab Settings/Edit
  3. Create number of subaccounts
  4. For needed subaccount choose button Configure
  5. For a certain coin choose payout

Antpool fee

Users note: the commissions are generally standard and not overpriced compared to competitors.

If you choose PPS, the commission will not exceed 3% of the amount earned. On the part of the pool, the processes are carefully checked and the level of difficulty is assessed. The number of coins in a block is also carefully recalculated. The pool is ready to insure users against possible force majeure circumstances and even to compensate losses in case of an unsuccessful transfer. 

If you choose the PPLNS method on Antpool, you will be mining with a 3% commission (in the case of bitcoin and bitcoin cash 4%). It is also worth noting that the transfer of funds in his favor will depend on the specific number of balls instead of their total number. It is believed that this method is more profitable because only the last readings are relevant for generating a new link. 

Antpool fees depend on the selected coin. 

How to start mining on Antpool?

Now let's take a closer look at the Antpool site and how to start on it. First of all, make sure you have prepared everything you need: a productive asic miner, a wallet for coin withdrawal, and specialized software. Note that it is not advisable to use video cards, since the market has long stepped forward. Moreover, those who have not one device, but a whole farm, obviously increase their chances of success. 


Before you start, go to the official pool page and click "Registration". As we said above, the site is only partially Russified, so a number of commands and explanations will be in English. 

1) Enter your data, according to the requirements in the boxes:

At the specified email will receive an email with a code, which is needed to confirm the registration.

The email will look like:

2) When you add a code, you can go to the next stage of security, where the system will ask for a phone number with a country code, which then will receive an sms and Google Authenticator.

By pressing the "send sms" button you start sending a message, which then will only be valid for 10 minutes.

Mining equipment setup

1) To set up your mining equipment, you have to create workers first:
You can create workers using special software for configuring your mining equipment.


The name of the worker consists of the name of your subaccount + a dot (!) + a numeric or alphabetic combination. For example, the name of your sub-account is 754821, so we create a worker 754821.001, 754821.002, 754821.003, etc.

Adding a worker ends with the "Create" key.

2) After connecting the device to the network, go to the “Miner configuration” section, and then to “General Settings” and fill in the required fields:


The URL is filled in with the so-called "stratum", which is different for each pool (see paragraph 3). As for naming workers, it should look like this: subaccount + dot + worker ID. Worker ID can be letters or numbers or a combination of them, the password can be empty. A good example of a worker name is: mineraccount.001, mineraccount.002, mineraccount. 003 etc.

After linking the equipment, the mining pool will automatically display the workers for the next 3 minutes in your personal account on the pool, and itsdata will be displayed through the status "all/online/offline/invalid".

3) The stratums below are filled in as URLs according:

Then the device is ready to work and you can start mining.

Main pros and cons

 As with other sites, in this case, customer reviews, are very diverse, but at the same time allow you to highlight the main pros and cons of the pool. 

The positive aspects include:

  1. Availability of correct information about the current network performance
  2. Malfunctions are very rarely registered, and the site clearly adheres to the given schedule
  3. Comments from users are treated very carefully and they often become the basis for real changes
  4. Commissions vary based on market and demand
  5. Antpool payouts time distinguishes the pool from the competition
  6. The amount of time the pool has been on the market inspires more confidence in it
  7. Tech support works quickly and users do not have difficulties waiting for an answer

As the negative points noted:

  1. For newcomers, the beginning of work and the process itself may be more difficult than in other pools
  2. The availability of many unclear terms and incorrect translation leads to a number of errors and problems in operation.
  3. Tech support does not work in Russian
  4. The overloaded network can cause delays in payments

In general, Antpool is an old and well-established pool and it has found its followers and does everything necessary to ensure that the number of clients continues to grow in the future. 

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